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Enormous climate data fraud uncovered: Resolved weather stations feed in data

Source: report24.news, Willi Huber, 18 April 2024

Report24.news came across some inconsistencies regarding the positioning of the measuring station at the supposed 30-degree record in Austria. It is located next to a huge asphalt surface and a plastic waste dump. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind the climate alarmism is an astonishing amount of open, cheeky fraud. In the USA, for example, it has now been revealed that so-called USHCN weather stations are providing data even though they no longer exist in the real world.

The US weather authority NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) relies on data from a network of weather stations that have existed for a hundred years. They form the Historical Climatology Network (USHCN). “The network was established to provide an ‘accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date historical climate record for the United States’,” explains the NOAA. For example, daily maximum and minimum temperatures are measured and reported.

Thirty per cent of USHCN stations do not exist

It has now been discovered that thirty per cent (!) of these stations no longer physically exist. The devices can no longer be found at the locations, they simply do not exist – for various reasons that can occur over the course of time. However, all these devices still report weather data to the system. This was reported by certified meteorologist John Shewchuk. The former lieutenant colonel gave an interview to the new medium “Epoch Times” in the USA in January 2024, in which he explained that climate alarmism and the horrendous costs for the US taxpayer are based on false data.

He also provides an explanation of where the data from the stations that no longer exist comes from. They are “estimated”. The NOAA simply averages the values of the surrounding stations and enters the basically fictitious values into the historical data series. This could also be described as deliberate falsification under the pretence of a scientific approach. In extreme cases, so many stations are defective or non-existent that the estimated data comes from a distance of 136 miles (219 km). One problem that plays into this is the fact that the data from many of the remaining stations is also highly questionable and probably greatly exaggerated.

In 2009, 90 per cent of US weather stations were positioned incorrectly

Shewchuk proved to Epoch Times that 90 per cent of existing weather stations did not meet the required specifications, but were more likely to report higher temperatures. This is because they are located in urban regions close to heat sources (heat islands). Such stations would systematically report 1-7 Fahrenheit more during the day and 2-5 Fahrenheit more at night than would be correct. The few stations that are located on land in open fields and therefore provide correct data are “overruled” by the incorrect, exaggerated data.

Shewchuk also assumes systematic data manipulation:

“When I investigated the temperature data from the Historical Climatology Network, I decided to download and analyse the data myself,” Lieutenant Colonel Shewchuk told The Epoch Times.
“I was able to confirm what others had found. It is obvious that the overall temperatures in the past have been downgraded, while the current temperatures are being upgraded.Epoch Times

Weather stations are located next to exhaust fans, on hot roofs or in sewage treatment plants

A report by Heartland Institute scientist Anthony Watts shows that 89 per cent of NOAA stations have elements around them that distort temperatures. Many are located on airport runways, others next to exhaust fans or surrounded by asphalt car parks and roads. Others were mounted on hot roofs. 68 stations were positioned in sewage treatment plants, where waste fermentation leads to higher temperatures.

Watts had carried out an analysis that only took into account the stations that were correctly installed and had a neutral environment. These show only half of the alleged global warming. So the warming trend is definitely going up, but not nearly as dramatically as is claimed.

Situation has worsened in 13 years

Scandalous: Anthony Watts’ report was written in 2009 – and he pointed out the unfavourable circumstances and incorrect measurements to the NOAA. in 2022, he evaluated his findings – he and his team revisited the same stations that he had criticised in 2009. By this time, however, the situation had not improved, but had become worse. Now 96 per cent of the stations were providing inflated, distorted data.

Watts explained to Epoch Times how spontaneous heat spikes can also occur:

“For example, you can put one of these temperature sensors near a car park that happens to be east of the thermometer. And the wind has been blowing predominantly from the south all day. But then suddenly there’s a wind shift, and the wind shift can be caused by a number of things. It could be caused by a change in the weather conditions. It could be caused by something blocking the southerly wind, such as an articulated lorry driving nearby. So the wind suddenly blows from the east, comes across the car park and absorbs the radiant heat. And the thermometer reacts to this within one or two seconds. And it reports a high temperature because of this gust of wind, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the weather that day. It’s an anomaly. And the same thing can happen at night.”

Incidentally, what Watts reports also happened in Bruck an der Mur, the alleged maximum temperature was only measured for a brief moment. See for yourself how the station is positioned there:

Verified by satellite measurements: Ground data is wrong

Watts verified his assumption that many measuring stations are incorrect, also by including modern satellite measurements. He found that the satellite measurements matched the measurements from ground stations located outside the urban heat islands. If only the data from the weather satellites were used, we would get a much better picture of the situation – and significantly less global warming. However, this data is used selectively.

When measuring temperatures on land, the weather stations described above, with all their weaknesses and problems, are used instead – because the satellites report lower data. At the same time, the world is being driven crazy with alleged measurements of water temperature, where high temperatures are derived from satellite data. It has to be said that normal citizens are in a position to check a measurement on land by taking their own measurements – but measurements somewhere on the world’s oceans have to be believed ..

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