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“Preliminary Injunction Filed To Stop Emergency Authorizations Of Covid Vaccines As Efficient And Early Treatments Are Available” (Belgium)

As Pfizer is shown to have skipped critical testing and cut corners on quality standards in the rush to authorize use of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, workers are still being forced to undergo a medical procedure against their will.

Alongside hundreds of citizens from across Europe intervene in Italian action to annul EU licence for experimental medical products, a summary proceedings action by a doctor and a nurse in Belgium asks for the immediate suspension of the illegal Covid19 vaccination and the unhindered and unrestricted respect of therapeutic freedom as well as the rights of patients and the primum non nocere principle (first do not harm).

The complaint which involves the Belgian State (SPF Public Health), the FAMHP (Federal agency for medicines and health products), the European Union & the medical association of physicians was filed by:

– a doctor who was dismissed from a hospital network for two reasons: he did not wish to be vaccinated with the experimental Covid19 vaccines in Phase III (not mandatory, in principle) in compliance with the Nuremberg Code which prohibits any medical experimentation without the consent of the individual and secondly because he asked that all hospital staff be informed about the risks of side effects of these Covid19 vaccines.
– a nurse who was threatened with the loss of her teaching job and her nursing licence if she continued to disseminate information to patients, students and the public, in contradiction with the government’s corona measures, despite the legal obligations to provide information under articles 7 and 8 of the law of August 21, 2002 on patients’ rights.

Through this case, and as health professionals, they both wish to:
– defend the freedom of expression and the therapeutic freedom,
– enforce the right of the health professional to assume the legally and deontological obligation to respect the patients’ rights (art 7 and 8 law of  August 22, 2002),
– declare illegal any infringement of the health professional’s freedom of expression in relation to COVID19 and in general in the exercise of his profession,
– declare illegal any infringement of the health professional’s therapeutic freedom,
– stop any obstruction of treatment and care against Covid19 with the rehabilitation of the patient education (health information, preventive and curative (e.g. article on vitamin D))
– finally, allow doctors to prescribe any preventive and/or curative treatment
(for example HCQ + AZ, Ivermectin, …)
– declare illegal the decision of January 23, 2021 which asks the Belgium medical association of physicians to convince the patients to the vaccination under penalty of deontological pursuits without respecting the rights of the patients since the order of the doctors exhorts the doctors to convince all their patients to be vaccinated and in any case: suspend as a matter of urgency, pending the judgment on the merits, the sale of experimental Covid19 vaccines in phase III, which is illegal when a treatment exists.

The summary proceeding referred to the available treatments, both preventive and curative. In addition to the announcement of the scientific publication of Prof. Didier Raoult on May 27 about hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin, the Supreme Court in India (against the advice of WHO) has just authorised ivermectin, as has Argentina, with results to the benefit of patients and health practitioners, to name but a few.

Philipp Van Langendonck, the lawyer representing the two health professionals stated: “Covid19 experimental vaccines in Phase III clinical trials are not allowed to be sold where a treatment exists”

“This means that all the European Commission’s implementing decisions concerning the granting of conditional marketing authorisations for medicinal products for human use “Vaccine COVID-19″ have become invalid since the disappearance on May 27, 2021 of the condition of absence of treatment, as referred to in Article 4, c of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 507/2006 of March 29, 2006 on the conditional marketing authorisation for covid-19 vaccines falling within the scope of Regulation (EC) No 726/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, and that the sale of these experimental vaccines in Phase III of the clinical trials has (become) illegal.”

Since March 2020, the right to care and to be cared for has been undermined, in violation of the primum non nocere principle, political decisions have short-circuited the normal practice of medicine and the provision of medical care to patients by doctors and nurses, among others.

The case will pleaded in the Belgian administrative court on June 18th.


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