Taking A Covid Vaccine Is Not A Gesture Of Solidarity

What is real solidarity?

Hi, I’m Senta Depuydt.

Today, I really want to call your attention on the notion of ‘solidarity’. When I look at the news, I see an impressive number of Covid vaccine injury reports, thousands of doctors who refuse the vaccine and governments and media who keep putting the pressure on people to get vaccinated. I find it particularly tragic that health care practitioners, those who are first in line and really do their best ‘to show the example’, such as Dr. Gregory Michael, are the first ones to suffer vaccine injury. Even doctors are not informed of the risks they take with those ‘vaccination products’ that use an experimental gene technology and injecting material that can provoke severe reactions or even death.  It’s unacceptable that so many people with good hearts, who want to do well, are easily manipulated and used as guinea pigs under the pretence of ‘solidarity’.

Many of them are ready to take an experimental vaccine because they are told that it will protect their patients or other people. “If you don’t feel like getting the vaccine for yourself, then at least take it to protect others”: is what they are told. In my opinion this is really abusive language. There is absolutely no data to say that the current Covid vaccines would stop the disease from spreading to other people.

This was clearly confirmed at the public stakeholders meeting of the EMA held to clarify the rollout of the Covid vaccination campaign in Europe. I quote:

Another thing we do not know is whether or to what extent vaccinated people still can be infectious and transmit the disease? It’s possible that vaccinated persons could spread the virus without getting ill themselves. We certainly HOPE that the vaccine helps here too BUT just now we simply do not know.  Therefor until we know more, precautions must not be relaxed. Even after vaccination, please continue with the precautionary measures”.

If you accept to take this vaccine, it means that you do this for yourself or to take part in a worldwide clinical trial.  You are then accepting the risks of the vaccine injury that you might suffer and the consequences that this decision could have on your family. Perhaps this vaccine will help society, perhaps not, perhaps it will even be detrimental. We don’t know that. This is an individual decision and it requires that you receive full information before giving your consent.

Everyone who says that you will protect others by taking this vaccine is either misinformed or lying. Everyone who forces you to take this vaccine to keep a job or to enter a shop or to participate into an activity is currently doing so on a false premise.  So what was perhaps meant with an intention of ‘solidarity’ by misinformed people, is actually a form discrimination.  And this is simply illegal.

We have a good heart, we want to help, we want to serve and to protect other people during this pandemic and we want to express our ‘solidarity’ with others. Then we should first ask how we can best express this solidarity without being manipulated by those who do not practice what they preach.

Read some of our articles on Tedros Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the director of the World Health Organization. Did you notice that he uses the word solidarity in almost every speech? Did you notice how he always sounds like a preacher?

Well what about himself?  He started his career in a marxist terrorist organization called the Liberation Front of the Tigray Population whose main goal was to take power and destroy their ‘eternal ennemies’, the Omoro and Amhara tribes? He has served under a government that has led genocidal policies during decades, as many reports of human rights organizations have shown. And last month, he has been accused of crimes against humanity by a recipient of the peace Nobel prize.  How can a man facing such accusations still be leading the WHO?  How can he speak of solidarity?

And what about the billionaires, bankers and politicians who made sickening profits on this crisis due to the lockdown measures? Solidarity would mean that they give us this money back and that we divide it equally with all those who were forced to close their business. As German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich explains, these people are accountable.  But we also have a responsibility here as consumers or investors.  We can stop this inequality, and redirect our money to support real, local healthy economies. (see talks of Reiner Fuellmich and Catherine Austin Fitts in the Planet Lockdown series).

Finally what about the notion of ‘solidarity’ between generations?

What about the obligation to protect our children whose health, development and education and wellbeing is strongly impacted by the Covid measures?  Legally and morally, it is the responsibility of adults to protect the children. Not the other way. That is a reversal or rather a perversion of the notion of solidarity. Imposing harmful measures on children by asking them ‘solidarity for the elderly’ is simply abusive.  Children are not responsible for the health of adults and they are not responsible of the death of those who are already nearing the end of their life.

When children are forced to wear masks for 6 hours a day or more and preliminary studies show that 68% suffer from these measures, we need to ask WHERE IS THE SOLIDARITY?

When a young child asks his mother ‘Mom how long will I need to keep wearing a mask because if it’s too long I would prefer to be dead soon’ then we have a serious problem with ‘solidarity’. At least I do.

Perhaps you share a different opinion and that is yours right. The important thing here is to follow our hearts and to ask ourselves: looking at the facts, how can I help others, and at the same time respect myself?  This is an opportunity for us to free ourselves from social pressure.  I hope you will find helpful information in our news and if you want to share your own examples of solidarity we would love to publish them in our next letter.

‘In solidarity’.

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