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Does the Pandemic Serve a Global Agenda and a Global Financial Agenda? Catherine Austin Fitts with Senta Depuydt

Catherine Austin Fitts, Economist and President of The Solari Report

Time: 1’ – 8’ / Introduction

  • CAF and SD talk about how they met, both their realisations about a “global agenda” in different way, start of CHD Europe and Berlin 29th August 2020, RFK Speech Ich Bin ein Berliner.
  • How the mainstream media lied about the number of people present in Berlin (38K reported in the mainstream media whilst 1.3millions of people were there), and how Senta realised the gravity of the global situation.

Articles from Senta Depuydt on Children Health Defense:
Does The Coronavirus Pandemic Serve A Global Agenda?
What Really Happened In Berlin? CHD’s Senta Depuydt Was There


Time: from 8’50 / CAF about the Corporate Media 

  • Their business is not to report the news; their business is to create a reality
    “You have to reach a state of amusement about what they say because what they say is completely meaningless. It’s a herding machine. It’s a propaganda machine. It’s got nothing to do with the news. (…/…) I’m not saying that it’s 100% bunk, but in terms of politics and strategic direction, it’s a herding machinery, and it has nothing to do with the truth.”
  • Senta and Catherine discuss how people who have lived in very tyrannical societies see right away what is happening.


Time: 15:50 / The Story of ‘I Am Good’ and ‘The Red Button’

  • CAF talks about and when the financial coup d’état process started, how she would travel and visit lots of churches all around America trying to figure out why we are the global leader of narcotics trafficking and money laundering, but everybody believes that we are good Christians. What she discovered is that everybody had the story of ‘why I am good’. “It’s not me. I didn’t do it. It’s Mr. Global’s fault. It’s Trump’s fault. It’s Biden’s fault. It’s the ECB’s fault.”
  • How she stopped with the attitude: “They’re bad; I’m good. I’m not doing it. It’s not me,” attitude, and took responsibility when she was Assistant Secretary of Housing in Bush Senior government, and acted accordingly.
  • SD and CAF mentioned Planet Lockdown movie, censorship of CAF online since 2004 by Google and Bitchute, how people should realise that this is not about a virus only, this is about a change of civilization


Planet Lockdown


Time: 26’20

What they [people] will see in their lives is government turning on and off a healthcare crisis and trying to scare them with a healthcare crisis, the goal of which is to get them to take a series of injections that will put in their bodies things that make them easier to control.

  • The economic crisis,
  • the coup d’état (CAF explains the leadership has developed so much technology in secret and so much capacity that as a way of managing they would much rather end all (or most) independent production, move the population on the welfare system, and then take over central control of all the production and distribution using AI software and robots. Part of this is a response to robotics and the developments with artificial intelligence. So it’s much easier for them to run everything with machines and then move people out of the economic process and put them on a universal basic income),
  • the frustration of the populations in Europe and all around the world because no matter who they vote for and no matter who they put in, the policies are very much set top-down, not in accordance with what has been promised with the elections,
  • the approved plan ‘Going Direct reset’ in August 22nd of 2019 at the G7 central banking meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by the central bankers.


The Solari Report Wrap Up on pensions
The G-7 Is Dead, Long Live Jackson Hole


Time: 33’ / ‘The central banking warfare model’, it is out of harmony with life

We can have a wonderful life on Planet Earth if we want to run it in alignment with life. The problem with running it in alignment with life, Senta, is that you can’t centrally control it.

If we don’t like the G7 leadership reset, then we need to do a reset. But a reset is required.

  • The Globalization Model put us in a situation where a Reset is needed. If we don’t like the G7 leadership reset, we need to do a reset.

Links and references:
Book Review: The Edge of the World – Michael Pye

Watch Sir James Goldsmith in 1994 on the Charlie Rose show explains the change to the global model and what the problems with it are. He came to the United States to try to stop the creation of the World Trade Organization and stop the globalization model.


Time: 40’ / “As long as it’s digital, Mr. Global doesn’t care if it’s called dollars, francs, or wampum beads.” None of that is relevant.
In a digital age, data about money is worth more than money.

  • Vaccines, Gene therapies, the poisoning society with DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax), the absence of insurance liability on DDT by the vaccine industry
  • The end of currencies, the smart grid to connect everything including your body for an all-digital system, for an all-digital financial system.
  • All-in-one system controlled by the central. What is currently being worked on is letting every central bank do their own digital currency (euros, dollars). As long as they’ve got it all on a digital platform controlled by privately-owned central banks, you don’t need to change into a unique currency.
    What we all can do to fix this

1986 Act by Andy Wakefield

A Solari Report, The End of Currencies


Time: 50’ / “Going back to the smart grid, once you have that cloud capacity at the Federal government, you can radically reengineer all of the programs and cash flows basically through a combination of having the grid built out to every community, every home, and every person so that you can integrate everything through the cloud and reengineer it at a very, very high speed – which is clearly what they are moving up to – including privatizing massive amounts of functions in a way that gives corporations the kind of control that they need to censor all of the social media.”

  • The 3 major cloud contracts of U.S. government: one to Amazon through the intelligence agencies, one to Leidos through the Navy (Leidos being the old Lockheed Martin systems group that ran the divisions where all of the money went missing from), and then a huge one to Microsoft from the Department of Defense (which is the JEDI contract).
  • Censorship by private corporations for the government so the governments avoid the problems of unconstitutional action
  • What we can do to fix this

A lot of what I tried to explain in Planet Lockdown is the fact that if you look at what is happening across society, we have the general population building the trap because they don’t see the trap. They are working on the smart grid, they are working for the tech companies, and they are working for the pharmaceutical companies. You have all of these different ‘pillars’, and everybody is working on their piece, but they don’t see where this is going.”

Build your own fresh food system. (…/…) Once you’ve got food and water covered, do energy. Anything that you can do to ensure that the critical things that you need in your life are available from people of integrity, do that.”


Time: 1h03’ / “It’s a question of sovereignty for People

  • The human rights model in Europe.
  • The spiritual war we’re in, and we have to have a commitment to civilization which is far higher than productivity or efficiency.
  • The fundamental right and freedom not to be vaccinated, out of the need to show it with science


Time: 1h06’40 /It’s pretty frightening, and it’s happening now, people. People need to understand that there is an attack on sovereignty – both at the individual sovereignty and also sovereignty of the nations.

  • Health Union proposal by the European Union on November 11th (give centralized control to the pandemic response with a centralized surveillance system that oversees vaccination, passports, and the same vaccines for everyone, tracking everyone’s records by centralizing the records, and having recommendations that would be binding for all of the member states so that Sweden or the Netherlands are also forced to do lockdowns, and this is with possible enforcement), the digital euro, the clear political agenda this year and for the next two years to move to a loss of sovereignty member states and of citizens,
  • Charles Michel, a Belgian politician who is President of the European Council, which is actually the most powerful institution, just now called for a ‘global pandemic treaty’ between the European Union and the United States on how we should rule the world to ‘reopen’ and have harmonization of all the control and surveillance systems and health security agenda.


Charles Michel


Time: 1h11’40 / “I believe that there is a significant risk. If they are not getting their way, they are going to pile on the fear. The way to pile on the fear is to pile on the death. We know that we are facing an enemy that has bioweapons all over the world. They have been engaging in America, and I call it ‘The Great poisoning’.

So people are being poisoned with many different forms. It’s complicated. Chemical warfare and EMF radiation is much easier to manipulate and control, but by whatever mechanism – whether it’s EMF or whether it’s the rollout of 5G (which is a control technology) or it’s chemical warfare or biological warfare – if they want to pile on more death and fear, they can.

  • the coming situation of chaos, people refuse vaccines (which are not vaccines), people are forced in unjustified lockdowns and censored, arrested, more and more people will demonstrate, the new system is not in place, and the old system is going bankrupt. People might get on the streets.
  • The war, the power struggle, the financial power struggle, the legal power struggle in which we are.


Time: 1h15’09 / “Come clean and stop helping”

  • The need for people to be healthy
  • The potential aggravation by what is called ‘vaccine’, deepening the pandemic with the new strains.
  • The wonderful doctors and scientists all over the world who have really stepped up and figured out what we need to do to stay healthy.
  • The need to overcome Fear to fight and get out of a system that doesn’t have integrity by “Come clean and stop helping”. There are many jobs to be fulfilled and  everybody’s situation is different. You can always meditate or pray if nothing else.
    ie. create school that don’t require vaccination. Senta mentioned that France just passed a law on mandatory school from December and won’t allow homeschooling anymore. They put it on the ‘terrorist, racist, fundamentalist’ angle to create fear and a surveillance agenda.
  • How the Resistance is organising itself all over Europe and in the world.


Dr. Simone Gold

Youtube Video (almost all the videos of Simone Gold have been censored)

Dolores Cahill
Solari Report, The Injection Fraud
Whatever we call them, I know one thing. They are not medicine, which means they sure are not vaccines.


Time: 1h18’ / The central bankers’ plan will fail, and it will fail because it is so out of alignment with life. It is out of alignment with the trees, it is out of alignment with the birds, it is out of alignment with the clouds, and the whole thing is out of alignment. It has only worked so far because we keep investing our energy in it.

  • You can always meditate to resist
  • How to find a way to navigating the incoherence where you stay coherent.
  • Senta Depuydt on the European Parliament passing a vote for the vaccine industry to bypass GMO regulation
  • The brainwash done by entrainment technology, TV

Coming Clean: Building a Wonderful World
Senta Depuydt, Taking A Covid Vaccine Is Not A Gesture Of Solidarity
The EMA (European Medicine Agency, like the American FDA)
The Solari Reports on entrainment technology


Time: 1h30’ / “The head of Luxemburg who later became head of the ECB say when he was running Luxemburg, “We know what to do; we just don’t know how to get elected after we do it.

  • Empaths vs Psychopats
  • The cycle of disrespect between the leadership and the general population
  • The experience of Germany
  • Our responsibility to all put transparency in our lives
  • There are so many people prisoners of the system and we need to find a way to free them.
  • The need to free a world of government and political leaders from their control files and we need to find a way to protect them and their families if they do the right thing. CAF: “The head of Luxemburg who later became head of the ECB say when he was running Luxemburg, “We know what to do; we just don’t know how to get elected after we do it.” We kept this economic model to keep going….
  • The “Freedom fighters” like Dolores Cahill – by their intelligence, their transparency, and their collaboration – have saved millions of lives, and they gave us the intelligence we needed to really turn this in a positive direction. There are amazing people risk everything. They are getting fired, they are losing their jobs, they are losing their investors, and it’s because they understand as a matter of strategic direction you can’t go along.


Senta’s Depuydt End of year Wishes – Let’s Put Transparency In Our Lives


Time: 1h39’00 / “Everything we have – all of our prosperity, all of our comfort – depends on science, depends on law, depends on truth, depends on transparency, and depends on trust. These are the conditions precedent to civilization. Without it, it’s not going to be much fun.”

I tell people to fight – each in your own way and each in your own place, but fight. The fight is going to get worse in 2021. If you look at the tricks they can pull out of a hat, Senta, they can pull a lot more death out of the hat if they want.

  • The collective intelligence network building
  • Robert F Kennedy Jr – He didn’t want to get into the vaccine issue, but he did because he understands that you can’t have a human civilization if you kill your children. If you destroy the health of your children, it’s the end of civilization – or certainly that civilization.
  • The censorship, bulling against Kennedy with the top corporate media in the country prints absolute lies about him, they use his family to do it, and then they refuse to print his answers because the papers are factually incorrect.
  • There is no point in living without civilization. Civilization is a condition precedent to success on this planet.
  • People like Kennedy, and they understand enough about the whole picture to know that this is non-negotiable. You have to have science. You can’t run a civilization with fake science, fake news, and fake medicine. Facts matter and truth matters.
  • It’s important that women understand.


Robert F Kennedy Jr, American Values

Solari Report, State of Our Currency


Time: 1h44’00 / What’s going to happen in the U.S. and Europe if we don’t act

  • CAF talks about what’s going to happen in the USA from January 2021, the ‘financial methadone tsunami’ (bring in the guns), the use of a Green New Deal to basically steal the real estate.
  • The New Domestic Terrorist Act which free them to attack anybody who tries to object to what they are doing. In Europe they would match that with Muslim fundamentalist attacks.
  • Senta about Europe and the Green New Deal.
  • The approval in the U.S. in 2020 of $3 trillion for the IMF SDRs (Special Depository Receipts) which will be used to get countries all around the world, who will be desperate for income, to buy into the Bill Gates’ digital ID system. The new head of the IMF is very much a big fan of the digital ID system.
  • The universal basic income which is the death for independent producers and small business in America because essentially all of the young people would rather get a stipend and run around and paint and work for the local dry cleaner, so they can watch Netflix in the meantime.
  • Takeover of the farmland, the land and the food system.
  • How Davos and the WOF entertain and distract to keep everybody away from the central bankers who are reengineer the world.


New Domestic Terrorist Act in the U.S.

The door is not shut. Let’s win this fight!

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