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Historic demonstration in Brussels

While the EU political elite devotes itself to the current democracy game (“European elections”), the European peasantry is protesting in the heart of Brussels.

Source: TKP.at, Thomas Oysmüller, June 04th, 2024

“The revolution will not be broadcast on TV” is a saying that was coined by social movements many years ago. Today, Tuesday, the truth of these words will be proven once again: A historic large-scale demonstration is taking place in Brussels – at the heart of the EU – and the media are keeping quiet about it. It could otherwise encourage people to join in.

Food safety at the centre of attention

It would also be bad propaganda for the EU, which is also holding elections this week – and the ruling powers are more or less able to maintain their power. There is no need for images of a dissatisfied people expressing themselves through angry farmers. Thousands of tractors paralyse Brussels.

The demonstration is organized by agricultural organizations from Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. So it really isn’t an “anti-European” demonstration, even if the rulers in Brussels might want to see it that way. Because every protest against the EU is “anti-European”, as they like to tell us. The farmers see the joint organization as historic.

The topics of the demonstration on Tuesday? The Modern Farmer reports:

“The central themes of the four-hour stage programm will be resistance to the dismantling policy of agriculture and farms on the part of the European Union, as well as the urgent appeal to recognize the impact of the decisions in Brussels on our food sovereignty and food security and to act accordingly, namely by changing the current agricultural policy!”

Up to 20,000 farmers are expected to attend today, Tuesday. Even if you can’t see any of it on television, the demonstration will be broadcast:

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