When The Ladies Get Together – Children’s Health Defense Meets in Switzerland

Dear Friends,

For the first time since Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. came to the Berlin demonstration on August 29, 2020, we were finally able to hold a real CHD Europe meeting in person with a few board members and guests. Never before has it been so clear to me that being together for a real, in person, face-to-face meeting is an infinitely more enriching experience than a virtual, online one.

Our week together was simply unforgettable, full of information and projects, and we wanted to share some of these magical moments with you. The director of “Planet Lockdown” was with us and was kind enough to film us on the fly, in a spectacular setting, where you feel so free and alive.

Before inviting you to watch this video from Switzerland, I would like to share some highlights from our get-together because the women you will see here are all exceptional.

The day before this interview, we were sitting in a hotel restaurant, and I was smiling and thinking, “Who would ever suspect that the ‘nice ladies’ at this table are actually an international law professor who battles with Big Tech and Big Pharma, a doctor who is an expert in bio-terrorism and has worked with the CIA, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps who has fought all her life against the abuses of ‘medical science’ and a financial ‘Rambo’ who mapped out the embezzlement of funds by the US government and the central banks.

Each one of these women has an extraordinary personal story. They are real heroines to me. But they are also real women who marvel at nature, give each other little gifts, grow flowers or have a vegetable garden and fight hard to protect the health of our children.

Mary Holland is an energetic and positive woman of action. A real wonder woman without whom there would be no CHD Europe. She always listens, has an immediate understanding of things and comes up with solutions in record time. For example, when Catherine explained the importance of keeping cash in circulation to combat the dictatorship of central banks, Mary immediately came up with the idea of “Cash Friday”, where one day a week, everyone uses only cash. Simple and brilliant. Thanks Mary!

Frederique Warner-Allen has been working with CHD Europe for a few months now and is a real lioness who has lived in the jungles of Paris and London. She has a huge heart and the energy of a power plant. She’s an honest-to-goodness mother and downright proud of that. She wants her children to live in a healthy world, both materially and spiritually. We have a lot of fun working together. I love her typically French rants and I especially love it when we get the giggles, which happens a lot!

Meryl Nass is a seeker of truth. For me, she embodies all the qualities of a doctor, a detective, and an explorer, and she’s a walking encyclopaedia. She is insatiably curious about everything, and her knowledge of “dossiers” is impressive. Special operations, scientific fraud, trickery… Nothing escapes her. For example, during the FDA meeting on the approval of Covid vaccines for young people, she immediately noticed that, when a participant was allowed to speak – the only one who tried to denounce the alarming number of side effects and deaths – his microphone was cut off. It is no coincidence that Mikki Willis, the director of “Plandemic”, chose to interview her for his new documentary.

As for Catherine Austin Fitts, she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. For days, we hung on her every word, trying to understand the history, the model and the major players in the realm of finance behind the Great Reset (which will be the subject of the next Solari Report). It’s as if things suddenly made sense. And if you know anything about Catherine’s personal history, you realise that her incredible productivity and generosity are due to her understanding of things. As she herself says, “I realised that I can only be free if others are free, too”. So she supports everything that moves in the right direction!

Finally, the person who probably impressed me the most during this week was Vera Sharav. She is very small (like me), but what a great lady. Vera is the eternal flame. She embodies the love of life, the power of the life force. In her presence, one feels an inner obligation to do something. It is as if she is urging us to act, but without violence, because she has all the wisdom of experience, and you cannot ignore that history is repeating itself.

Before the war, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a Zionist leader who foresaw and warned the Jews of Europe about the imminent calamity urged them to leave. Whilst the leaders of the Jewish communities ridiculed Jabotinsky and most Jew ignored his warnings, Vera’s parents in law listened and emigrated from Lithuania to Palestine in 1934. That decision saved their lives and Vera’s husband. When Vera left the concentration camps as a little girl, she stubbornly refused to board a ship that was torpedoed the next day. At six years old, she listened to her inner voice and stood up to all the adults. That act of disobedience saved her life.

A strong message clearly unites all these women you see in this video. At some point, regardless of the rules, regardless of what others think, we have to listen to ourselves. We have to take responsibility. We have to save our lives and the lives of our families. We women are capable of harnessing this special inner power. Our multifaceted life force is no match whatsoever for the warped-minded believers of the Great Reset and the all-mighty algorithms.

Children’s Health Defense US and Europe recently got together in Switzerland to discuss actions, projects and strategy for how best to continue fighting the serious injustices and threats to our health and especially the health of our children. This personal meeting was a revolutionary act in and of itself! Participants crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and many continental European borders to attend, braving the daunting Covid-19 travel measures and proving that it is indeed possible to get out of the house, see the world and spend some truly quality time face to face!

The team shares its thoughts on the interesting and encouraging meetings and connections that took place during this important week together.

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