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Every single aspect of the “Covid” narrative is fake! There was no pandemic!

Source: TKP.at, Dr Peter F. Mayer, 15 April 2024

PANDA was founded in April 2020 by a group of multidisciplinary experts critical of the global response to Covid. On 1 March 2024, a comprehensive assessment of the coronavirus measures was published, culminating in the statement: “There was never a pandemic.”

The detailed report, which can be read here, explains that it was never about a virus, but about fake narratives. Although in 2020 it quickly became apparent that “Covid”, whatever it was, did not appear to affect healthy people any more than many other common respiratory infections, left large parts of the planet unaffected and had no discernible impact on overall global mortality, the “pandemic” continued. Many have labelled the events of the Covid era as an overreaction to a novel virus that turned out to be less severe than originally claimed, and that serious mistakes were made in the response. However, PANDA goes further and challenges the basic assumption underlying the entire discourse on this topic.

Entrepreneur John Engler has summarised the detailed analysis in a succinct bullet point statement as follows:

  1. There was no pandemic by any reasonable definition – which certainly includes that large numbers of previously healthy people in all age groups perished, while there was no discernible increase in global mortality in 2020.
  2. Pandemic believers respond to (1) by claiming that a novel pathogen nevertheless spread from a point source (“lab leak of a virus created by gain-of-function research”). They claim it is a “bad” virus and the damage is due to “mishandling” or lack of “early treatment”. Howevera) There is no evidence that viruses can be manipulated to have dangerous pandemic potential – lab leaks happen all the time.b) The alleged waves of deaths and severe illness appear to be decoupled from the “spread” – no clusters or waves of deaths or unusual illnesses are evident; the “virus” bizarrely obeyed national and administrative boundaries to produce different “pandemic outcomes”.c) The virus and the illness it was said to have caused were certainly not “new”. “Covid” was no different from the characteristics of known respiratory infectious diseases. Any alleged novelty can be explained by observation and confirmation bias, compounded by the most extensive and powerful propaganda campaign ever waged against humanity.
  3. All reported harms can be explained by a combination of the following factors:a) Massive failures in health and social care: mistreatment, non-treatment or inappropriate treatment, especially of the frail elderlyb) Misattribution of deaths to “Covid “c) Other harms resulting from the reaction to the misperception that a novel deadly virus is circulatingd) Data falsification
  4. The idea that “something was spreading” resulted from the explosion in the number of hypersensitive and non-specific tests (especially PCR) that merely detected a pre-existing signal that had already spread before the supposed emergency – without even realising it.As these ‘positive cases’ were found, a series of perverse incentives created a positive feedback loop that led to more testing (especially of ‘contacts’), more ‘cases’ demanding further testing, more ‘cases’ being found, and so on.
  5. The timeline associated with the first weeks of the Covid era defies belief. We are supposed to believe that the following events happened spontaneously within 4 weeks:a) 27 December 2019 – a hospital in Hubei reports cases of pneumonia of unknown causeb) 7 January 2020 – the “new virus” is isolatedc) 12 January 2020 – sequence is uploaded to the internet – from a patient in Wuhan with an otherwise unremarkable pneumoniad) 22 January 2020 – a dashboard is set up to track cases of pneumonia. January 2020 – a dashboard that supposedly reports cases and deaths worldwide in real time is set up and launched by John Hopkins University) 23 January 2020 – a paper describing a validated test (developed without access to patient material) is published after being “peer-reviewed” within 24 hours of submission.
  6. The theories of “lab leak” and “zoonotic spillover” are the two components of a deliberate false dichotomy. By only allowing argumentation between these two possibilities, the question of whether we even had a pandemic – and therefore what caused the untold damage – is avoided. Yet BOTH theories have the same goal: the perpetuation of the ‘pandemic preparedness industry’, which will no doubt rejoice at the prospect of lucrative re-runs after a successful ‘Covid’ episode.The oft-repeated references to ‘the next pandemic’ – even by some outspoken ‘Covid-dissidents’ – are a foreshadowing of their intentions, because, as the saying goes:
    “any rogue lab can develop these viruses now”.

After all, as we have argued, the actual escape of something from a lab is not required to cause a ‘pandemic’; the mere spread of the narrative of escape, the introduction of testing and the resulting social contagion is all that is required.

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