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Wake-Up Call With Pots and Pans From Denmark (Are You Being Told The Truth? Video)

Members of the World Freedom Alliance were greeted by the fire of ‘pots and pans’ of the demonstrators in Copenhagen.  Mrs. Senta Depuydt who represents Children’s Health Defense in Europe joined prominent freedom fighters from  Europe for an international wake-up call against totalitarian measures taken by governments.

Mr. Mads Palsvig a former investment banker and founder of the Danish freedom party JFK21 hosted the meeting in which Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Heiko Schöning, Mr. Martyn Byrne, Mrs. Maneka Helleberg, Dr. Mikael Nordfors, Mr. Nigel Utton, Mrs. Monique Janssens and many other freedom fighters in Europe discussed the global pandemic agenda and how to unite forces to keep our societies and democracies alive.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. later meets them on a call to discuss how censorship and oppression threaten America’s trademark standard of democracy and open debate   while Catherine Austin Fitts explains the financial coup d’état that is currently taking place.

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