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Germany: Ethics Council Chairwoman Buyx threatened the media: You will be involved if you start reporting

Source: Report24.news, Florian Machl, 27 March 2024

On 22 November 2023, Prof. Dr Alena Buyx was a guest at an event organised by the Munich Press Club. A short extract from it has gone viral in recent days. It is about a thinly veiled threat to the system media if they were to suddenly start investigating and reporting fully on the pandemic.

Mrs Buyx’s intonation and gestures are very interesting and will hopefully be the subject of research in a few years’ time. She certainly seems to know (and not just at this moment) what went wrong during this “pandemic management” – especially with regard to anti-democratic processes that restrict fundamental rights. Bringing all of this to the table would massively damage her own reputation. And so this lady, who has positioned herself as a fulfilment assistant and hardliner throughout the corona period, is giving the media very clear instructions for action: those who do not continue to remain silent will end up being caught up in it.

You can find the full event organised by the Munich Press Club here. This is where the passage comes from, the end of which we have shown below from Twitter. Mrs Buyx says (in a slightly broader context):

But that doesn’t mean I’m saying we shouldn’t reappraise, that’s complete rubbish. We should do it, we are doing it, but we should, I think it’s important, what kind, if you do it politically, it has to be really well designed, because my concern would be that those who are now looking for culprits, and frankly, whether justified or unfounded, there’s a deep need to look for culprits and of course to say, you politicians.

And by the way (addressed to the press here), you wouldn’t be left out, you know that very well. Well, that would affect the media professionals just as much, the public broadcasters and whatnot. They are … The idea is to sow doubt, that’s my concern, that it would be used to sow doubt about these democratic institutions, about politics as a whole (particularly energetic, erratic gesticulation, note) It was all wrong, it was all evil, you all reported wrongly, you were all muzzled, it was, you were all in line and so on.

All these stories that you hear at the moment, that should be avoided. And at the moment, these kinds of narratives have a quite astonishing preponderance in public perception and debate, at least in the nasty corners of the internet in purely quantitative terms, if you look at which articles have how many comments and clicks and so on. So, you would have to do that carefully and do it well, and then that would come out.

Alena Buyx 01:06:10, Is our society breaking down because of hate and hate speech? Discussion with Ethics Council Chairwoman Alena Buyx, PresseClub Munich

Buyx then explains to the media representatives present what kind of reporting she expects from them: “A positive narrative”.

Did you realise that the British had just done that? Boris Johnson, there was a committee of enquiry. And Boris Johnson was castigated in the final report. You have to read it (particularly excited, note). It basically says, so please don’t pin me down to any one quote, it basically says that 400,000 deaths were completely unnecessary and caused by politics.

So, it’s exactly the opposite. The “laissez-faire” policy in inverted commas, the slightly less restrictive policy in the UK, is currently being reappraised and is being extremely criticised. You have to realise that. So, I’m even assuming that if we were to do this, we would have a lockdown like this, not everything was certainly good, we certainly didn’t do enough here and there. So, one lockdown came too late, the other was too long, too intense, and so on.

So, you would go in different directions, and at the end of the day, hopefully we would get out, in the sense of..

Manfred Otzelberger interrupts: In our country, Markus Söder says that he has probably saved 150,000 lives with his policies, and I think we really need to counter that with a positive narrative, because I think that comes much closer to reality.

Buyx: Vaccination has saved 1.5 million lives in Europe.

Alena Buyx 01:07:35, Is our society breaking down because of hate and hate speech? Discussion with Ethics Council Chairwoman Alena Buyx, PresseClub Munich

So in December last year, people were still trying with all their might to save the narrative of the dangerous pandemic – when vaccination and the measures would have been the only way to save people. The media should please continue to report freely invented figures (made up in some model calculations) of allegedly saved lives. They should simply present “positive narratives” to all those who are interested in real information based on facts and evidence. In this way, the shameful role of politics during the “pandemic” will continue to be concealed.

The recently published RKI protocols could contribute to the whole rotten Corona magic coming to light and all the henchmen who were involved in this unique, systematic breach of the law having to justify themselves to the public.

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