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Watch Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Interview on National Italian TV

On 20th October 2021, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was the guest of Non È L’Arena, a TV Show on the national Italian channel La7.

Interviewed by the Italian journalist Massimo Giletti, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. expresses a very critical opinion of the actions taken by governments all around the world to deal with the pandemic.

“The problem is that the response to the pandemic has not been medical. It has been a militarized and monetarized response. Part of that response has been to cut off all debate, to censor free speech. Anyone who questions these policies is punished; censored; marginalised and vilified. And I think that contributes to the polarisation and the feeling that we are losing our democracies.”

“I’m not against the vaccine and I’m not anti-Vax. This is a strategy from the pharmaceutical industry to silence people like me. But no one should be forced to take a medicine they don’t want. We have the right to safe tested medicines and that is what I am against, not the vaccine itself.

“I don’t think anybody has the data to answer the critical question: is the vaccine causing more arm than good?”

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