#StopGreenPass – Join The Movement and Take Action Now!

Stop the green vaccination passport! Freedom doesn’t need a covid-19 vaccination card!

The European Parliament has approved the green Covid-19 vaccination pass in the last week of April. The issue of the vaccine passport was “non-debated” in Brussels. We want to contest this. If we have any chance of blocking this totalitarian measure, we must try to seize it.

The urgency of the moment is to gather our forces towards a common objective, to save the rule of law and the associated democratic values in order to block the advent of a de-socialised, dehumanised, vaccinated and digitalised world. The series of health scandals highlighted during this crisis obliges us to redouble our vigilance and to continue our fight for the freedom to choose.

Fortunately, more and more citizens​ are doing a great job at waking up politicians to the dangers and the absurdity of this. Children’s Health Defense Europe urge you all to take action. We are watching how things are unfolding and this is now an emergency. We must protect our Democracy, our Health, our Freedom and the Respect of all Human Lives.

#StopTheGreatApartheid / #FreedomNeedsNoPass
Rally – Demonstrate Peacefully For Freedom Of Choice & Health Freedom

We encourage individual initiative, which is why we give suggestions on how to organize rally, Europe-wide.

  • Rally on Internal EU borders
    European countries share a common border with their neighbouring countries. Therefore, it is possible to organize joint demonstrations at the respective national borders, for example directly at border crossings. Demonstration marches of several kilometres to a meeting point at a border crossing can be organized, followed by a final rally. Alternatively, a longer motorcade to the border or between several border crossings (each on its own side) is also possible.
  • Demonstrations in front of the European institutions & delegates
    The EU institutions in the respective countries can be used as demonstration sites with an EU connection. For example, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Germany), the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium), the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (France).
  • Demonstration in front of the national executive building
  • International airports and railroad stations
    Since the green passport is likely to massively restrict freedom of travel sooner or later, demonstrations in front of or in the terminal of international airports or at train stations…
  • Press relations
    The demonstrations should be communicated to the regional and national press.
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