What Really Happened in Berlin? (Germany)



Following the ‘End of Corona’ party on the 1st of August 2020 which brought together an estimated 800 000 according to the organizers or 3000 to 17 000 according to mainstream media, a new edition was held on August 29th, inviting all Europeans to meet at the Brandenburg Gate, to protest peacefully against the liberticidal measures put in place since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. One million strong were present!

The above videos of the rally show the joyful and peaceful atmosphere within the crowd gathered around freedom and peace…

During the event, with Großer Stern Square and the Siegesäule Monument as a backdrop, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., president of Children’s Health Defense, spoke to hundreds of thousands about government control by fear and denounced totalitarianism.



However, the mainstream media seem to report a totally different event, reducing the number of the participants “38,000 people” and creating fear “extremist”, “anti-mask”, “far right activists”:

The NY Times (US)

The Guardian (UK)

Berlin minister ‘deeply regretful’ over far-right Reichstag standoff

The BBC (UK)

Germany coronavirus: Hundreds arrested in German ‘anti-corona’ protests

Le Parisien (France)

Manifestations anti-masques: des rassemblements à Berlin, Paris et Londres

Le Figaro (France)

La Police interrompt une manifestation anti-corona à Berlin

Des manifestants berlinois tentent de pénétrer dans le Reichstag

BDNews (Bangladesh)


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