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  1. I am Ricardo Delgado and the founder and director of „La Quinta Columna. All the vaccines analyzed from (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Jansen and Moderna) contain nanotechnology without exception. We found nano-routers in them, which also send MAC addresses that can be registered using Bluetooth wireless technology on your own phone and using an application. We found nano-antennas and plasmonic antennas that amplify such signals. Likewise, we have identified nano – rectennas that act as bridges and AC/rectifiers, as well as codecs and certain logic gates to encrypt this nanotechnology between the inoculated individual and a remote (remote) server. The raw material for the development of this microstructural compound is graphene oxide, the presence of which is critical for such complex structures to self-assemble. The main exfoliation mechanisms of graphene oxide in the body towards graphene quantum dots are: – natural biodegradation by the enzyme myeloperoxidase- and the mechanism and of Teslaphoresis, i.e. electromagnetic microwave fields generated by microsignals the with diverse frequency qualities. The graphene oxide injected into the body develops magnetic properties in contact with hydrogen and living cells. Therefore, in the majority of vaccinated individuals, enhanced magnetism occurs at the vaccination site, and later in the upper solar plexus and cranial region. The graphene oxide is considered in the organism by our immune system like a pathogen. After injection, it shows affinity to the central nervous system, especially to the spinal cord and our brain, because of their higher electrical conductivity. Within the central nervous system, it can cause limb paralysis, strokes, paraplegia and nervous system disease. Graphene has a high blood clotting factor and increases thrombogenicity, or the promotion of thrombosis. In the final analysis, these thromboses cause all kinds of cardiovascular incidents such as embolism, ischemia (lack of blood supply to tissues), heart attacks, aneurysm (widening of blood vessels), etc. Graphene oxide also has an affinity to highly electrical organs like to our heart, especially in case of increased heart activity and therefore increased electrical activity. At this moment, graphene oxide targets the heart and causes its inflammation, i.e. myocarditis or pericarditis. In addition, graphenoxis has the property of absorbing electromagnetic radiation in the environment and multiplying it by its amplifying property. Through this, it causes small discharges. This explains why so many athletes suffer from cardiac arrhythmias as soon as their heart activity increases. The consequences of these cardiac arrhythmias are fainting, unconsciousness and circulatory collapse, which may or may not be related to sudden abrupt death. Large portions of our vaccinated population suffer sudden and unexpected death as soon as they are in the vicinity of such microwave sources. Graphene oxide also has the ability to cause mutations, chromosomal changes and cancer, so that people who have recently developed tumors or neoplasms will develop metastases more quickly after vaccination, and completely healthy people are at high risk of developing them.   Graphene oxide is extremely toxic, and its toxicity is additionally dependent on the electromagnetic radiation it absorbs. Where it occurs, it creates tissue inflammation, systemic, or cross-organ inflammation, and also causes cascades of free radicals to form.
    Once the oxidative stress that this toxin generates in the body destroys our „redox balance“, and exceeds the antioxidant threshold of our natural glutation level, our immune system collapses, promoting the famous cytokine storm. This graphene oxide, which is injected as the basic ingredient of the „vaccinations“, is excreted by the body through our lungs. But if it is irradiated while it is there, the inflammation of the lung tissues causes bilateral pneumonia.
    If the inoculated survive the first doses of injected graphene oxide it will be broken down by neutralizing antibodies responsible for its degradation. Once the graphene and its toxicity disappear, so do our antibodies, which neutralize this substance and also trigger an immunoglobulin excess. Therefore, we are forced to take a new vaccination every 3 months to maintain the level of this toxic substance under the pretext that we no longer have immunity. Ultimately, the non-existent, non-isolated, non-purified, non-cultured Sars-Cov2 of the official version, as well as its variants, is actually graphene oxide that was knowingly and willingly added to the 2019-2020 flu vaccines. In other words, the one designated as „Covid 19“ is simply an acute graphene-enhanced irradiation syndrome. Therefore, the first and basically only „wave“ had as targets our elderly in nursing homes who have a near 100% flu vaccination rate. Our elderly were first vaccinated with this substance, and then irradiated with the famous mobile phone antennas which, suspiciously, were erected in 8 out of 10 cases in the immediate vicinity of nursing and residential homes. They have used the genocide of our elderly as an excuse to tell the world population that it is a new coronavirus, in order to push the injection of graphene oxide all over the world because of the fear of a so-called „contagion“. The goal is to wipe out large parts of the population in order to use the behavioral modulation property that graphene oxide offers in the field of neuroscience and artificial intelligence to apply it to the rest of the population.  Graphene oxide has a special preference for neurons. Once nestled there, it generates an artificial neuron network that gradually replaces the natural neuron network. When the size of the graphene oxide nanoparticles is less than 35 nanometers, they easily pass through our blood-brain barrier, a membrane that protects our brain from possible external influences, and gain access to our own neutral network. This is how graphene manages to disrupt neuronal synapses, allowing it to map our brain and literally collect data about our memory, thoughts, sensations, emotions or feelings. You now understand why, in the context of this pandemic, a „neural rights law“ has been passed in certain countries. On the other hand, this graphene oxide can be remotely controlled and wirelessly simulated using the new technologies 4G, 4G+, and 5G for these purposes. All vaccinated transmit their data to an external server controlled with artificial intelligence (possibly funded by Elon Musk) this information package is a summary of 20 000 hours of research work, a group of multidisciplinary scientists, and is based on scientific dissemination of the final technical report by Dr. Campra, the result of which unquestionably sets out the presence of reduced graphene oxide in samples of AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Jonsen „vaccines“. It is equally based on scientific analysis of the material and observational data. We believe that they have exploited the ignorance and lack of understanding of medical personnel on issues such as nanotechnology to implement this sinister plan they call „Agenda 2030“. You can add to this valuable information, as well as find all the evidence and scientific articles mentioned here: As the process of „vaccination“ takes place around the world, we face the disappearance of the human species as we know it, within a matter of months. They call it „Post. or Transhumanism“, or simply „Human 2.0“ In this new phase, the surviving robot, will be deprived of his own thinking, autonomy and free will. He will become an enslaved, stunted and completely dependent species on these technocratic oligarchies.

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