Corona-Symposium in the German Bundestag - Emotional Presentation of Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

On November 11-12, the Alternative for Germany hosted the 2nd Corona Symposium in the Bundestag. The excellently organized symposium provided space for open debate, which remained prohibited during the Corona crisis. In his presentation, Prof. Dr....

Corona Symposium in German Bundestag - Opening by Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg

[check on the references for the unbelievable claims at the end of the intro] Three and a half years of the Corona era eloquently and verifiably summarized in 10 minutes. Against the backdrop of the finely tuned lockstep in which events unfolded ...

[EN] Robert Farle_Rejection of Investigating Corona Committee _German Parliament_19Apr2023_English subtitles

Germany, MP's reject to have a investigating corona committee

(DE) Meryl Nass_Kat Lindley_WHO_EU Parliament _ICS III_03 May 2023 (German Subtitles)

Explaining the potential consequences of the WHO treaty with the European countries.

The WHO Pandemic Treaty: Our Fundamental Freedoms At Risk | DE |

DDr. Renate Holzeisen | European Parliament International COVID Summit III 3rd May 2023 | German Subtitles