A victory would be a symbol for all citizens of the world – Swiss Referendum, Nov 28

🇨🇭 In Switzerland, the popular vote of November 28, 2021 has already started. Many citizens are already voting by mail, while others will go to the polls on November 28th. Three objects are on the agenda: an initiative to strengthen nursing, an initiative on the appointment of judges by lottery, and the ‘amendment of the March 19, 2021 Covid-19 law’.

This 3d motion implies the approval of the Covid Certificate or ‘health pass’ and the imposition of an exceptional regime that violates the constitutional rights of citizens and the competencies of the federated entities, bypassing the democratic process, but without stating it clearly.

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, it does not matter because the QR code is not about health, it’s about control. We can already see in many European countries how the ‘Covid Certificate’ is being used as a weapon against democracy. In Italy it is not issued by health authorities but by the finance department. The Covid pass is required to work or to attend high school, included for those who are teleworking. Slovenia has imposed a ‘no pass, no gas’ policy that prohibits unvaccinated from driving their cars and even the elected members of the European Parliament and the whole staff of the EU institutions are not allowed to do their job without showing the infamous ‘QR code’.

Switzerland is the only country in Europe where people still have a possibility to counter this evil agenda.

It is crucial that the Swiss people vote NO to the amendments of the Covid law in this referendum and send a strong message to the world: we reject this Covid slavery ticket!

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Catherine Austin Fitts : “The Covid Certificate will be used to strip your assets from you. Are you a vaccinated citizen? The Covid Certificate is part of a financial transaction control grid that will strip you of your property. Are you a Swiss citizen who is unvaccinated? It’s the same. We’re all in this together… I pray the Swiss will vote against this instrument of slavery”.

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, immunologist. “Whenever it really mattered the Swiss stood up and fought for what was right!”

Dr. Thomas BINDER. “Even a quick glance at the realtime data of ICU-capacity data compiled for Switzerland by Zurich ETH University reveals the fundamental error of the prevailing Corona Narrative: each so-called wave shows the same pattern, over and over again:
In almost perfect synchronicity and to the same extent as the rise of number of Covid-patients (yellow curve) the number of Non-Covid Patients in ICU (green curve) drops, even though during the entire duration of the alleged pandemic huge reserves for ICU beds (dotted line) remain untouched.”

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  1. The question came with financial incentive. I have no idea how the Swiss middle class is faring, if it’s like elsewhere then it’s no wonder people responded to the incentive

  2. With all due respect, I think CHD is doing readers a disservice with its lack of follow-up. “News” should include acknowledgement of what happened, even in cases where the results are disappointing and the referendum failed.

    All of the sites where I found the latter information are part of the mainstream media and openly advocating for vaccine apartheid. But CHD is indirectly sending people to such pages when it publishes multiple articles to the effect that this is a key conflict and “Switzerland should say no!” and then silence.

    It’s also missing the opportunity to comment on any irregularities or issues: if there were, for instance, any reason to believe these results were skewed by vote fraud, I can guarantee that none of the pages that are crowing about “the popular endorsement of government policy” right now will see fit to mention that. And of course, in many cases, their comments are closed.

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