Our Actions / How We Create Change

CHD Europe aims to Protect the Children, Invite you to Explore further as We Do Have Choices, Carry on with our European Legal & Advocacy Work, Share Key Information, Strategies and Action, Watch and Expose the International health Agenda because our Future is in our Hands.

CHD Europe was launched in an effort to reveal the scale of the international coup d’état of the ‘health security agenda’ that is taking place under the cover of the pandemic response.  It was initiated by the need to alert people on both sides of the Atlantic and rally support to protect our health and freedoms.

The Kennedy’s family has a unique role in the history of democracy.  In 1963, President John F. Kennedy came to Germany to show the support of the USA for Western Europe against the threat of the communist bloc. In one of the most famous speeches of the 20th Century, his words “Ich bin ein Berliner” were meant to say: “I am with you. I stand in solidarity with the people of this city in their fight for freedom and democracy against a totalitarian regime”.

Bearing this in mind, our team felt that the presence of his nephew Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the giant freedom rally organized in Berlin could make a huge impact. We did the impossible: published our statutes, invited him for the inaugural meeting of the European chapter and brought him to the demonstration.  It was a great achievement! On August 29th 2020, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. became the new ‘Berliner’ in the history.  He delivered an amazing speech exposing the hold on democracies to a crowd of more than 1 million peaceful participants.

His vibrant talk was eye-opening for millions of people around the world and was spontaneously translated into dozens of languages with massive sharing on social media.


CHD Europe wants to protect the health and rights of children against abusive medical measures. We feel it is highly dysfunctional for a society to sacrifice the development of the youngest to extend the life of the eldest.  Just as it happens with vaccine injury our children are not able to express the harm they suffer and they are often blamed for doing so. Their situation needs to be assessed according to their own needs and physical, mental and social development and well being.

We are supporting efforts to research and evaluate the impact on children of wearing mask. We are co-funding the development of breathing test stands with safety engineers in Germany. We are investigating legal strategies such as the use of liability notices and sharing of risk information and safety protocols to school principals in order to protect children’s safety.  We also share reports of scientists, pediatricians and psychologists on the impact of ‘corona-measures’ on the development of children.

Children remain at the centre of our mission. They are our future. They are those we are fighting for in the first place.


To make informed decisions we need to be able to compare different possibilities and assess their risks and benefits.

Contrary to what governments now say, we do have choices. CHD Europe feels it’s important not only to defend our freedom to choose but also to remind us of the choices we have.  We need to keep asking those questions. What is the cost of a lockdown and a mass vaccination policy compared to an equal investment in hospital capacity and the use of existing treatments? This needs to be evaluated on a constant basis with the new information available.

But our European team is also keen to take this a step further. We want to rethink our health policies by placing human values at their centre rather than rely on computer simulations often designed to serve those who run them.

What is the role and the limit of a good public health policy? What do we need to invest in to save lives and make this a better world?  How can we go back to independent and transparent science?  What are the real costs and benefits of vaccines and their alternative?

Introducing new visions and discussing better models has a high priority in our programme.

It will be our sincerest wish to share the insights of Europe’s greatest voices.


CHD Europe focuses its advocacy and legal action within the framework of European Institutions.

Earlier this year our team had already worked with CHD on an ‘amicus curiae’ letter to the European Court of Human Rights in a lawsuit that will lead to a solemn ruling on the issue of mandatory vaccination and human rights.

CHD Europe filed its first case in October 2020, a request for annulment against the decision of the EU parliament to waive risk assessment mandated by the EU ‘GMO regulation’ for the use of gene technologies in the development of Covid 19 vaccines. Although we still have not had a chance to be heard in the Court of Justice in Luxembourg we know that this case is used to support national claims opposing the roll out of dangerous experiments.


CHD Europe intends to exchange information and share resources related to science, legal actions, petitions and lobby work in Europe. We are facilitating the development of a collective intelligence network. People from all countries feel the need to join forces and offer their skills and competencies. Many are reaching out to us and we can play an important role in bringing them together.

We can say that over the last few months an amazing international network of lawyers, doctors, scientists, journalists and freedom advocates has formed.  CHD has an inner network space where they can exchange best practice, key information and strategies and make a stronger impact.

This also allows us to do international ‘fact checking’ work as it becomes increasingly difficult to find reliable sources of information. This very precious information can then reach our members through publication on our website, newsletters or in the Defender.

The dynamic between CHD USA and CHD Europe is also key. Much of the work done by Mr. Kennedy and his team is both useful and inspiring for Europeans. For example, legal action against Facebook, open letters to the FDA, lobby work on 5G, articles uncovering fraud and conflicts of interest, all this can be used for our advocacy work and influence European opinions and decisions.

Likewise the information and strategy provided by European lawyers and scientists can benefit lawsuits and lobby work in America. Reliable news about the ‘hydroxychloroquine’ issue in France, elements of scientific fraud regarding the use of PCR tests uncovered by German lawyers, or the French expert reports on the dangers of RNA vaccines provide valuable arguments and/or evidence.

Finally, and this is a less visible part of our work, we try to make time for personal contacts with other groups and people as we feel it is important to make sure we work with trust, integrity and a common purpose to shape a better future.


Mr. Kennedy’s speech in Berlin was a tremendous opportunity to increase awareness of the global threat to democracy posed by ‘the great reset’ with mandatory vaccination, surveillance systems, destruction of the economy, censoring of free speech and the re-engineering of society towards a digital society.

Following on from the Demonstration in Berlin in August 2020, CHD Europe received many requests from independent media to further discuss the pandemic agenda and the mission of Children’s Health Defense.  Next to referring to Mr. Kennedy’s extensive interviews and publications Senta Depuydt, the journalist leading the European chapter, shared insights on the European situation in several articles and interviews in French, Italian, and English, on radio programs, web television channels and across the web.

The video  International Message of Hope for Humanity,” that Mr Kennedy recorded in October 2020 at our request was screened in at least 15 countries during protests and meetings. In November another talk focusing on democracy and open debate was recorded with health freedom advocates gathered in Copenhagen to strategize ways to maintain human rights on a global basis.

The members of our team participated to several demonstrations across Europe. Senta Depuydt represented the organization and echoed Mr. Kennedy’s words for rallies in Berlin, Brussels, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Latvia.

CHD Europe will keep following this closely. From mid-January 2021, CHD Europe will conduct its surveillance of the European and international health agenda and will report on the most important issues on the European front  in a short weekly review.