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“Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now”, Vera SHARAV, Holocaust Survivor, Nuremberg August 20, 2022
WATCH LIVE – 75th Annual Commemoration of the Nuremberg Code
Censorship Attack: CHD Deplatformed from Facebook and Instagram!
“A Call to our Health Agencies, Governing Bodies of the European Union and Italy: Urgent Need for Complete Transparency Re Serious Dangers of mRNA products in use
Hold the Line to Protect Children With Us!
POST-VAC FLIGHT RISKS – Are you safe on board a plane?
Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda? WATCH NOW!
#CanWeTalkAboutIt Campaign Launching TODAY! How to join
13-15 May in Malmö, Sweden: Join The Northern Light Convention in Person or Online. Together We’ll Kick-start Democratic Recovery!
The Entire Global CHD Community Wishes Senta Only The Best!
“There Are Thousands of Things We Can Do. One Is To Bring Transparency” WATCH 12 Clips of Historical Press Conference in Brussels
A message of light and love for you and your family
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Call to Support Children’s Health Defense Europe
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