Our Mission

CHD Europe is committed to legal and advocacy efforts to protect children’s health and health freedom, including the right to prior, free, and informed consent to all medical interventions.

CHD Europe got off to an exciting and auspicious start in summer 2020, coinciding with the historic August 29 rally in Berlin to defend freedom and democracy. The peaceful protest against the massive civil rights infringements rolling out across Europe and the world drew over 1,5 million freedom fighters from all over Europe. CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivered a historic speech revealing the international coup d’état that is taking place under cover of the pandemic response. His talk was eye-opening for millions around the world and was spontaneously translated into dozens of languages with massive sharing on social media.

The event in Berlin was a tremendous opportunity to increase awareness of the global threat to democracy posed by mandatory vaccination, surveillance systems, destruction of the economy, and the reengineering of society towards a digital humanity.

Senta Depuydt, the Belgian journalist who leads CHD in Europe, further discussed this international agenda and CHD’s activities in numerous interviews in French, Italian, and English on radio programmes and across the web.

In the few months since its launch, CHD Europe also initiated a variety of activities, including the following:

Organization and Media
Legal Action and Lobbying
  • Together with other organizations CHD filed a case of annulment at the EU Court of Justice in Luxemburg against the decision of the EU parliament to waive GMO and genetic risks evaluation for Covid vaccines. This regulation was adopted without any scientific report, committee hearings, debate, or amendment and violates the precautionary principle laid down in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
  • CHD Europe participated in demanding and preparing a critical debate on the Covid response at the European Parliament. The event was initially accepted and scheduled for October 28th but then subsequently postponed, and ultimately cancelled.
  • CHD Europe is also co-funding a German effort to research and evaluate the impact on children of mask-wearing and is working on legal strategies and best practices to protect children’s safety and well-being.
In the coming days, CHD Europe will pursue additional lobbying efforts by co-filing a new annulment to halt the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines.

Opening a branch in Europe has stimulated contacts and the sharing of strategies and expertise across the Atlantic.  Many people in Europe became aware of the important work that Mr. Kennedy and CHD were doing and reached out to share and exchange their knowledge. For example, a case attacking lockdown measures adopted on the basis of non-reliable information such as PCR testing was initiated by Mr. Reiner Fuellmich in Germany and will be duplicated in the USA. Documents written or provided by Mr. Kennedy, such as an open letter written to the FDA to slow down the U.S. vaccine approval process, have provided useful information for lobbying work in other countries. CHD’s lawsuit against Facebook, involving a France-based ‘fact checker,’ and the broader issue of censorship are crucial for all countries. These are just a few examples showing the importance of strengthening international collaboration.

CHD Europe wants to do more and needs your help. In the coming weeks, we will bring you more information through various media and channels by:
  • Tracking EU legislation, policies, and programmes and sharing relevant information across organizations in Europe
  • Organizing translations and publishing content in German, French, Italian, and Spanish as well as in English
  • Producing a weekly news update on the situation and actions taken in Europe
  • Collaborating with other organizations on legal actions, lobbying, petitions, and advocacy
  • Sharing other initiatives, legal strategies, and key science in Europe
  • Inviting experts to examine scientific findings, assess risks and harms, and brainstorm solutions that protect and strengthen children’s health and uphold human rights
  • Offering new perspectives and insights about the choices we have
Finally, we need your support to take more legal action and make our EU legislators accountable.

We are inspired and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Children’s Health Defense’s growing, global network of experts and passionate advocates who are exposing the causes of the childhood chronic disease epidemics, holding those responsible accountable, and promoting stronger safeguards. Children are our most precious gift; we want to offer them a future where they can be healthy and free.

By joining Children’s Health Defense Europe, you will carry the torch with us and connect with like-minded individuals. Together we can build a new community that is based on integrity, mutual support, and true human values. It’s time to get to know each other and unite.

Please sign up here and donate to support our important work. We will dedicate all our resources to European projects. It’s time to take action, and your help will make it happen!

Children’s Health Defense Europe expresses its gratitude for your support.


The mission of Children’s Health Defense Europe is to restore and protect the health of children and adults by eliminating exposures to environmental toxins, holding responsible parties accountable, and establishing safeguards to prevent future harm to health. The association also wishes to defend the respect of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democratic principles in health practices and policies, in particular by promoting the principles of free informed consent and freedom of care, the respect of privacy, freedom of science and transparency.