Worldwide Demonstration 2.0, May 15: Over 100 Cities Worldwide #WeWillAllBeThere

After the huge success of the first Worldwide Demonstration all over the world:

On May 15, 2021, the Worldwide Demonstration 2.0 calls citizens of the world to demonstrate peacefully against the current Corona measures, and stand again for Freedom, side by side with people from all over the world.

With live streams from different countries, we will form the biggest worldwide demonstration of the current time!

Information to this worldwide demonstration 2021 can be found on the Worldwide Demonstration Telegram channel.

Livestreams from all the different countries’ demonstrations will be visible on the day here.

Children’s Health Defense thank you all in advance for your great support. It would not be possible without you.



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  1. Amanda Roeloffzen says:

    wonder if there will be a no lock down in Eindhoven for the south of Netherlands ? Amsterdam is a long way for us

  2. It’s all well and nice, but last time and this time again, information about this Worldwide Demonstration 2.0 is heavily censored and almost impossible to find.

    Their website links to livestream on….youtube! The perfect place to be ‘canceled’ really.

    The only website where i could find real updates after the event are:

    Manchester Freedom Marchers Take To Shopping Centre

    Watch London Freedom Protest: It takes 21 Minutes for Crowd to Pass By!

    Amazing that for such a global event, one has either to create an account on telegram, twitter, gab, facebook) or watch censortube (fascist tech google youtube) or take the lies of MSM…

    Great to do this kind of events, not great for the promotion and updates afterwards, nobody knows how many attended for example!

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