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The 2021 case is about the general exposure of the plaintiffs, but of course the population as a whole plus plants and animals, to wireless radiation in two of Belgium’s three regions: Flanders and Brussels region. This is a civil case so we are suing for either a change in overall exposure (natural remedy) or else financial damages and fines. This case has two NGO’s -AREHS and SaveBelgium (BBSB VZW- plus 9 natural persons. Read more (currently only in Flemish)

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The 2022 case is a nullity request of Flanders recent change in exposure limits for the rollout of 5G. This case has been lodged with the Council of State. There is one natural plaintiff as well as our NGO. Read more (currently only in Flemish)


Human Rights Case, Claimants developed medical Symptoms, Safeguards missing from the risk of harm from 5G. Read more


5G Masts – Objector Rights. Read more

Previous Cases


Electro-sensitivity recognized as a disability eligible for financial assistance – awarded for a technician in a chemical laboratory. Read more

Provisions made for people with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in hospitals in France. Read more


Disability grant awarded for former radio documentary producer due to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome. Read more

A law bans WiFi in nurseries and restricting it in some schools. Read more


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity family wins case to not install a smart meter in their home. Read more

Forced disclosure of concealed results of mobile phone measurements – phones exceeded 90% of the permitted limits Read more


Man diagnosed with electro sensitivity was found to be a victim of a work accident due to his EHS by the Yvelines Social Security Affairs Court and was legally eligible for compensation. Read more


EHS classified as an occupational disease eligible for disability benefits. Read more

A court requires that wireless radiation Smart Meters should be made safe within two months for 13 people with electro sensitivity, even though the government agency ANSES denies the existence of real electro sensitivity. Read more


Enedis ordered to decontaminate the electricity provided to EHS victims under penalty of 500 € each per day of delay. Read more


Florence – immediate shutdown of WiFi ordered to protect the health of a minor. Read more

Italian Workers’ Compensation Authority (INAIL) ordered pay out to fourth mobile phone user with cancer. Read more


Court of Appeal in Turin confirmed that mobile phones can cause brain tumors. Read more

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EHS person must be consulted as an interested party regarding a cell phone tower (ICNIRP guidelines are not sufficient.) Read more


Teacher awarded 100% of base salary  – Spanish Labour Court of Madrid recognised the permanent incapacity of a college professor who suffered from CFS and environmental EHS. Read more


Telecom engineer with electro sensitivity awarded disability benefits because of his inability to work in WiFi areas. Read more


ES recognized as a permanent disability. Read more


Higher Court of Justice of Aragon Links Electro sensitivity with Workplace Accidents. Read more


59-year-old social worker won ‘early ill health retirement’ for disabling Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS.) Read more

Upper Tier Tribunal set a legal precedent recognising EHS as a disability requiring the Local Authority to provide access to education without radio frequency radiation including the removal of Wifi from the school. Read more