13-15 May in Malmö, Sweden: Join The Northern Light Convention in Person or Online. Together We’ll Kick-start Democratic Recovery!
The Entire Global CHD Community Wishes Senta Only The Best!
“There Are Thousands of Things We Can Do. One Is To Bring Transparency” WATCH 12 Clips of Historical Press Conference in Brussels
A message of light and love for you and your family
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Call to Support Children’s Health Defense Europe
Tired of Replying to “Anti-Vaccine Disinformation”? These Movies Will Speak For You
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Swiss Referendum: ” Will Switzerland Remain the Last Bastion of Democracy? “
Interview of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on IT National TV + New Book
The Pandemic Puzzle – #1 The Money
Vaccine Injury Is Real, Always Put Your Child’s Health First
A Message From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. One Year After the Historic Rally in Berlin: “It’s Time For (peaceful) Civil Disobedience!”
Protect Children and Pregnant Women, Protect life!
Check Verified News in 5 European Languages Every Week in The Defender Roundup. Fight Censorship and Fake News With CHD!
30 July: Emergency Summit Part 2 – Join The 100K Viewers Tonight (18.00 CET / 5pm BST)
July, 29th & 30th: Emergency Summit with Highly Acclaimed International Scientists, Lawyers and Economists Calling for Immediate Interventions in the Current Crisis
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Message from RFK
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