“There Are Thousands of Things We Can Do. One Is To Bring Transparency” WATCH 12 Clips of Historical Press Conference in Brussels
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Call to Support Children’s Health Defense Europe
Tired of Replying to “Anti-Vaccine Disinformation”? These Movies Will Speak For You
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Swiss Referendum: ” Will Switzerland Remain the Last Bastion of Democracy? “
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Vaccine Injury Is Real, Always Put Your Child’s Health First
A Message From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. One Year After the Historic Rally in Berlin: “It’s Time For (peaceful) Civil Disobedience!”
Protect Children and Pregnant Women, Protect life!
Check Verified News in 5 European Languages Every Week in The Defender Roundup. Fight Censorship and Fake News With CHD!
30 July: Emergency Summit Part 2 – Join The 100K Viewers Tonight (18.00 CET / 5pm BST)
July, 29th & 30th: Emergency Summit with Highly Acclaimed International Scientists, Lawyers and Economists Calling for Immediate Interventions in the Current Crisis
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Vaccines and Covid Pass: It’s Time to Act Now!
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Message from RFK