Dr. Ryan N. Cole, Pathologist Shows Vaccine Damage Is Visible in All Human Tissues And Organs (Video in EN)

Board-certified pathologist, Dr. Ryan N. Cole MD spoke at the White Coat Summit about the catastrophic damage COVID vaccines are doing on humans and warning of the toxic spike protein and the potential long-term effects of vaccines.

Watch the video here.

The first autopsies are only being done after 11000 death reports?

“You want to give a 2, 5 or 12 year old a shot? When we see a 200% increase of myocarditis! That’s a good idea. Let’s give a kid a toxine that ruins his health for life. (…/…) We need to stop insanity immediately”

“This is not science. This is a poison attack on our population.”

“In the Pfizer paperworks and applications, it clearly states that in the rats, there is a 16% decrease in fertility. These are one of the most fertile mammals on the planet. (…/…) So what they’re doing on humanity? The answer is: We don’t know… Guess what? We don’t have long term safety data yet. That’s the tragedy and the crime in all of this. It’s an experiment. It’s an emergency authorisation, not approved. Humanity is the phase 3 trial.”

“What is the risk for cancer after the shot? We don’t know. What is the risk of autoimmune disease after the shot? We don’t know.”

“What is the risk of impairing fertility for a life time? We don’t know.”

“So why in the world are we really pushing forward at the pace rate we’re going without knowing these things? It’s a complete attack on science and a complete attack on us.”

“No more mandatory forcing of employees. (…/…) ‘How in the world will these hospitals and these employers be saying: ‘You can not work for me if you don’t sign up to be a subject for an experiment on humanity’ ”

Where are the billions to do the autopsies? Where are the billions to prove the science?


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  3. Lorelee Binkowski says:

    I have read and heard that Dr. Cole was/is associated with the Mayo Clinic. Is this so, and is he still with them?

  4. Question for CHD EU –
    I’m confused by this reference to animal studies. Could you explain please. My understanding was that these vaccines entirely missed the animal trials – that was one of the concerns about them.
    How are we now seeing ‘a 16% reduction in fertility in rats’ and what does that mean? Fewer pregnancies/ lower sperm counts/ more miscarriages? What is the 16% please?

  5. Richard Lally, MD says:

    The pandemic could be ended in a month with ivermectin. They don’t want that. The late effects of the mRNA and graphene will kill most in a few years. We haven’t begun to see the beginning of that. Pray the Med Beds work.

  6. ” problems are the solutions itself”. read between the lines.

  7. Jackie Cloutier says:

    Hello and thank you Dr.Ryan Cole for your help in this battle. I am a nurse and I will not be getting any of these vacs. I have a question. Will the Johnson and Johnson vac effect people the same as MRNA?

  8. Dr. Cole, why am i hearing that eveerything you claimed in your video on the vaccine Not being a vaccine is being declared FALSE by 1 of your Authors ? Mary

    P6: https://21a86421-c3e0-461b-83c2-cfe4628dfadc.filesusr.com/ugd/659775_409b4bb7107f4320be075ce1404b048d.pdf

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