Brussels Press Conference

Orsolya Györffy – A Call to Take a Stand

Meryl Nass – Is the COVID Vaccine Needed?

Renate Holzein – Legal Actions

Sucharit Bhakdi – Fundamental Flaws

Wolfgang Wodarg – Global Pandemics and Transparency

Catherine Austin Fitts – Health Freedom and the Control Grid

Mary Holland – Hands Off Our Children

Brussels Community Event

Mary Holland – Global Outlook, Evidence Of Harm and How Do We Stop This?

Catherine Austin Fitts – Backing Out of the Digital Control Grid

Orsolya Györffy – Where Is Europe Heading?

Wolfgang Wodarg – How Did We Get Here?

Michael Palmer – Fundamental Flaws

Liz Evans – A Crisis in Medical Ethics

Meryl Nass – A Synopsis of the Situation

Budapest Press Conference

Biserka Ilin MD (Hungarian)

Andrija Klarić

Dr. Turcsányi Zsolt (Hungarian)

Meryl Nass

Orsolya Györffy (Hungarian)

Mary Holland

Budapest Community Event

Mary Holland – Global Outlook

Orsolya Györffy – European Outlook

Michael Palmer – A COVID Con

Meryl Nass – Learnings From the Past

Dr. Tomasi József – Updates in Hungary

Dr. Turcsányi Zsolt


Interview with Sucharit Bhakdi

Interview with Mary Holland

Interview with Renate Holzein

Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts

Interview with Meryl Nass