A Day to Bear Witness and to Change History

10dec10:0019:00A Day to Bear Witness and to Change HistoryFrance

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Organizer : François-Marie Périer (representant)  GreLiVe (Grenoble Liberté et Vérité sur la crise du Covid 19,Sebastian Horsten (representant) Action 200 Perpignan,Anne Flochlay (representant) Collectifs du 77 (and different collectives, Bernard Claudel (representant Alliance du Peuple and Alliance du Peuple TV

A full month of Campaigning and Events to raise Awareness of the damage done (and still being done) as a result of the Covid Vaccine.

Portraits of people dead of injections, 1 every 5 meters in the most crowdy places of the cities, villages or touristic or frequented places (stadiums, halls, city halls, hospitals?), And this could be done everywhere this day, or in a different way, but witnessing with a portrait, the name of the victim, the type of injection and the cause of the death.We personally know, through Verity France and other associations, parents and families of these victims that come to talk in different meetings. A chronology of this crisis, with the facts and words should be prepared, not to short, not too long, only dates, facts, spectacular facts, promises, contradictions and confessions, corruption, violations of the Human Rights to give memory back to the people and unite, act and change this, because we all know the direction they want us to take. A particular focus should be put of course on children and elders. It is important also to deconstruct the accusations of fascism, irresponsability and obscurantism, as fascism is precisely the law of Strength and social drawinism, through the authorities and financial powers and the right to violate the Human Rights and oppress these weakest in the schools and in the seniors citizen homes where everybody abondon them. Everyone should have the last reports of his own country for example ANSM and E.M.A or VAERS.. to be able to easily read and show the last statistics, the damages and the ineffiency of the Health Programs. In every place, one famous person should be present to attract people as well as medias


(Saturday) 10:00 - 19:00

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