SATURDAY 12th November 2022

The live will start at 14.00 CET.

Hands Off Our children
A call to take action with Children’s Health Defense Europe

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Speakers include CHD President Mary Holland, Dr. Liz Evans, Catherine Austin Fitts, Orsolya Gyorffy, Renate Holzeisen, Meryl Nass MD ABIM, Dr. Michael Palmer MD, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, MD.
Moderator: Taylor Hudak, journalist.

On Saturday 20th November, a line-up of scientists, doctors, lawyers and international speakers will meet in Brussels to launch the campaign Hands Off Our Children.

Stop the mRNA gene-based shots
When there is a risk, there must be a choice for ALL

The European Commission and the EMA are pushing through one standard authorisation after another of the COVID-19 ‘vaccinations’ also known as gene-therapeutical experimental treatments. Tragically they are now targeting babies as young as six-month-old*. There have been too many safety indications that clearly demonstrate the unnecessary harm and death caused by a ‘vaccine’ ‘which is admittedly ineffective – and has even been stopped in some countries due to the surfacing, scandalous revelations related to the procurement and approval procedures. Any of these revelations – any single one – should be enough to trigger an immediate halt to the so-called vaccines, and start a public investigation of the suspected crimes involved.

Shockingly, the EMA’s CHMP just recently signed off on the Standard Marketing Authorisation for Comirnaty’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ for 12 years and above and are proceeding with a recommendation to extend the use of Comirnaty and Spikevax to include children from six months of age. This grave neglect by our public officials is outrageous, as the number of injuries and deaths are growing dramatically within the “covid-19 vaccinated” younger children. It has been medically and scientifically proven that there is no significant risk of harm from COVID to children.

This miscarriage of justice cannot continue any longer – we must protect the weak and innocent.

The continued plan just published by the European Commission, the EU response to COVID-19: preparing for autumn and winter 2023 calls for action to prevent further harm.

The power and influence of Big Pharma did not come about overnight – and Children’s Health Defense with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the lead, and many great groups and individuals have been fighting to reveal corruption and related controversies of corporate science giants within the ever-growing takeover of our public institutions.

We at Children’s Health Defense Europe call for action. We must bring factual assessment and transparency to the public and remove censorship from debate that must take place in line with our fundamental democratic social agreements.