40% of pediatric hospitalizations are ‘with’ COVID and not ‘from’ COVID (two California-based pediatric studies) 

NY: About 50% of people hospitalized ‘with’ COVID and not ‘from’ COVID 

Scotland: 36% hospitalized ‘with’ COVID (i.e., for other causes) 

  • “Findings from this report concluded that 64% of patients were in hospital ‘because of’ COVID-19 during the period December 2021 to January 2022, as opposed to ‘with’ a Covid-19 diagnosis” 

New Study suggests almost half are hospitalized ‘with’ COVID 

Orange County, CA ‘with’ COVID-19 increasing (many COVID-19 hospitalizations are not ‘from COVID-19’) 

Median life expectancy in long term care facilities 5 months 

Nursing home deaths after vaccination 

Excess deaths (especially cardiovascular deaths)