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The Real Anthony Fauci – Catherine Austin Fitts talks with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


0:00:00.0 Catherine Austin Fitts: Ladies and gentleman, it’s my pleasure to welcome to The COVID-19 Symposium for the Doctors For COVID Ethics, a man who needs no introduction here, Robert F. Kennedy Junior, who is the chair of Children’s Health Defense, a seasoned attorney litigator. Well, you were a best-selling author before this, but now, this is the one I wanna hold up, this is The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, already a global best-seller. The last time I saw you, I had not read it. I have read it, and I have to tell you, I started it on a Saturday morning and I said I was just gonna read a few chapters. There went the day. I spent the whole… [chuckle] I could not put it down. And for a book with this many footnotes to be this well-written and fascinating, and spell-binding is a great achievement. I have no idea how you did it, but I just wanna congratulate you.

0:00:56.0 Robert F. Kennedy,Jr.: Thank you so much. Catherine. [laughter] I think that’s the best praise I’ve had coming from you.

0:01:06.6 CAF: Well, I keep telling people, this book has more footnotes than the Encyclopedia Britannica. [laughter]

0:01:13.3 RFK,Jr.: We need to be careful.

0:01:15.4 CAF: Yeah, no, it’s clearly, brilliantly documented. Okay, so I wanna dive in in this way. The session that you’ll be part of tonight on Doctors For COVID Ethics is called “Global Coup d’état”, and I think no one does a better job of explaining how Fauci and his role fits into the global coup. The book does a marvelous job of doing it, but I wanna kinda dive into the middle. Because the thing I like the most about this book, is that people all over the heartland are feeding back to me and saying, “Oh my God, it’s really this bad, and how did I not know that it was this bad?” So, it’s a remarkable achievement, and it’s sort of piercing through and breaking through the fog of war and making people realize: this really is a global coup. So, I want you to step back and tell us why you wrote this book, and how you managed to connect the dots to… really, the change of control that is being attempted across the planet.

0:02:20.8 RFK,Jr.: Yeah, so I felt I was in a unique position because I’d been litigating… And I apologize, my voice is really bad today. I hope it will get better as we talk. But I felt like I was in a unique position, because I had been litigating for many years against powerful corporations on environmental issues, and I had seen firsthand and really understood the dynamics of agency capture. How regulatory agencies, through a variety and abundance of very well-documented forces, are, inevitably, captured and transformed into sock puppets of the industry that they’re supposed to regulate. And the public health,… so probably about 20% of my lawsuits… I’ve had over 500 lawsuits against polluters, and probably 20% of those were against the EPA, and the other state regulatory agencies that are supposed to function to protect Americans from pollution. But instead had become promoters and spokespeople for and defenders of the industry. And I also, because for 17 of those years, I’ve been working on public health issue, specifically, with vaccines, trying to get some vaccine safety, robust science, independent regulators who are free from these corrupt entanglements with pharmaceutical companies. I also recognized that what happened in the public health arena was really unique.

0:04:09.2 RFK,Jr.: That there’s a level… Because of these financial relationships with pharma, it’s regulatory capture on steroids.

0:04:23.4 CAF: I would say it’s regulatory ownership.

0:04:25.4 RFK,Jr.: The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the three big agencies, HHS-health agencies, FDA, CDC and NIH, is a seamless subsidiary relationship. In other words, even within those agencies, the individual regulators, the highest level people, regard their job as a partnership with pharma. Pharma is consulted on everything, pharma can overrule policies, you get advance. In those agencies, you get your bonuses, you get your salary increase by promoting the pharmaceutical agenda and by promoting the mercantile and commercial interests of pharmaceutical companies, and particularly vaccines. The vaccines have become the fulcrum of that whole relationship. One, because they’re enormously profitable, and the reason they’re profitable is because they’re exempt on liability. So, the biggest margin in every other medicine is downstream payments to people injured. Every medicine injures some subgroup. And pharma’s immune. No matter how egregious their behavior, no matter how terrible your injury, no matter how reckless or negligent their conduct, you cannot sue them. That alone, Pharma has made vaccines immensely profitable and that act was passed in 1986.

0:06:15.1 RFK,Jr.: And you had this gold rush, which when they added up all these new vaccines etc…. We went from the three vaccines that I had as a kid to 17, essentially mandated – they’re technically recommended. But in many states, you cannot enjoy your freedom without complying. Your kids can’t go to school, etcetera. And up to 72 doses of 16 vaccines are mandated now for kids from birth to when they’re 18 years old. And accompanying that change, beginning around 1989, when a lot of these new vaccines were suddenly “recommended”, you had an explosion in chronic disease, which really enriched the pharmaceutical industry. So, you had autism go from one in 10,000 in my generation to one in 34 today. We had the food allergies suddenly becoming an epidemic, peanut allergies, and Pharma was selling the $600 EpiPens. And you had rheumatoid… All the auto-immune diseases, rheumatoid Arthritis, juvenile Diabetes, Lupus, Graves Disease, Crohn’s Disease, MS.

0:07:32.2 RFK,Jr.: All these other diseases that are… By the way, they’re all listed as side effects on the manufacturer’s inserts of these 72 vaccines. They suddenly became epidemic, and vaccines went from being a $187 million a year industry, when Tony Fauci took control, to a $60 billion industry. But the big payments to the pharmaceutical companies are the… Selling the remedies of the chronic diseases that are associated with the vaccines that they’re selling children. So, treating the seizures, treating all these 170 auto-immune diseases that suddenly came out, which we hadn’t even heard about. Neurodevelopmental diseases, ADD/ADHD. speech delay, sleeping disorders, tics, Tourette’s Syndrome, Narcolepsy. All these things that my generation never heard of that suddenly appeared in 1989.

0:08:34.6 CAF: So, one of the things I love about this book is you do… As you’re documenting Fauci’s agency basically controlling and running over three-quarters of the trillion dollars from the time he takes over, you are documenting the slide in the health of Americans, their life expectancy, the chronic diseases in children, which are epidemic, and the one that really takes your breath away is from 2000 on the IQ of American children have dropped by seven points. Is that correct?

0:09:06.1 RFK,Jr.: Yeah.

0:09:06.8 CAF: And so you’re showing how the disease is growing and the American people are sliding into failure.

0:09:15.4 RFK,Jr.: We went from being the healthiest nation in the world, to being the sickest. We’re number 79 in terms of all indicia… of the cumulative indicia of health metrics. All the things that public health regulators use to judge whether a nation is healthy or not are in decline longevity, life expectancy, the rises in infant mortality and first-year-mortality, second-year-mortality and the medical claims. Ironically, again and Fauci had a lot to do with this, we are consuming more pharmaceutical drugs than any other nation. So, we consume three times the pharmaceutical drugs as the other Western nations. We pay higher prices for them. We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world and we’re 79th in terms of public health outcomes. I show how most of these problems are not… You can’t blame them all on Doctor Fauci but he alone could have prevented all of them. And what he’s done is, he’s turned NIH from a public health agency, which is a Gold Standard public health agency, where it was when he found it, to an incubator for pharmaceutical products.

0:10:54.1 CAF: Right, but you also draw the circle out into the intelligence agencies and a broader coalition of syndicate, who’s engineering central control. If you look at the rise of inequality, it’s very much a part of this because poor health is part of what’s causing this rise in inequality.

0:11:14.6 RFK,Jr.: Exactly, and if you look at the way he… They drilled it again and again, this pandemic response Tony Fauci was intimately and intricately involved in figuring out, well in advance of Covid-19, Here’s what we do when there’s a pandemic. And he worked, and I think one of the revelation of my book shows how closely he worked with the CIA in developing a response that had nothing to do with public health. It was a militarized and monetized response to a public health crisis. In each of these pandemic simulations that they took for 20 years, they were training frontline workers, public officials in Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia how to use pandemics as not to heal people, but as a pretense for imposing totalitarian controls, for the controlled demolition of constitutional rights in all the liberal democracies across the world. They called this pandemic… a secret pandemic simulation program that they had, “Operation Lockstep.” Because it was a way of training all these governments to pivot in lockstep and impose totalitarian… As we talk about to execute a coup d’etat against democracy globally.

0:12:51.5 CAF: So, one of the things that I first heard from you, and it was a very powerful, really powerful insight, because I keep trying to warn people, we have to stop the vaccine passports. You pointed out, they’re being run by the financial ministries.

0:13:05.4 RFK,Jr.: Yeah, that’s right. The real danger of vaccine passports that people have to understand, is we live in a country, and the Europeans have lived in countries where you could pretty much do what you wanted. Now, these governments are not perfect. Our constitutional rights are not perfect. There’s always cases of abuse. Government and industry had more power than we should give them, but it was pretty good anyway. You could go out, see a sports game. You could get on an airplane and fly anywhere you want without being tracked or traced, or any of these things. And you had a lot of freedom in your lives. But once you get that passport, those freedoms are no longer freedoms, they’re privileges. And they’re privileges that are contingent upon your obedience to a ultimately limitless inventory of diktats.

0:14:15.1 RFK,Jr.: Many of them from unelected authorities. If you’re a bureaucrat like Tony Fauci, who without any public hearing can say, “Everybody put on masks. Everybody social distance.” And the significance is that these are not being administered by public health agencies. One, is there is no public health classification on these passports. We know that vaccines do not prevent transmission. They cannot end the pandemic, therefore… And so there’s really not a public health rationale. It’s a control device, and it’s a control device that is going to be linked to currency and to your checkbook, your savings account, your capacity to…

0:15:00.8 CAF: Yeah, I believe they’re going to use it to take all of our assets. I really do.

0:15:06.8 RFK,JR.: That’s possible. I try not to predict what’s gonna happen, that don’t I know about… But here’s what you can predict: we know they now have programmable currency. What that means is that, when we move to digitalized currency, which you’ve been warning about for years, they’re gonna be a government… It makes every transaction that you make visible to government and recordable and makes every transactions visible to these financial houses, so the government can tax them… The financial houses can figure out ways to make money on transaction so, you buy a porn magazine, a bottle of beer or whatever it is that you’re buying, they’re gonna know about it.

0:15:55.4 RFK,Jr.: But it also allows them to stop you from spending money on things they don’t want you to spend money on. They can program your currency. For example, let’s say you violate the social distancing rule, and they know that because they know your location 24 hours a day from your cellphone, etcetera, and from facial recognition. You violate that rule or you refuse the vaccine or whatever, now they can say, until you comply or in punishment, you are under house arrest and you could only leave your house to buy at local grocery stores. They can make it so your money does not work any place, other than grocery stores within a mile of your house. They can make it so that you can’t travel from Brentwood to Burbank. You can’t get gasoline, you can’t… So they can control you with no due process, they can simply control you.

0:16:55.7 RFK,Jr.: And all of these rights that we assume we have have now become privileges that are contingent upon your obedience with their diktats, and with your social credit scores, and all of things that they can now look at, that are gonna be slowly added. So, here is the thing that I would say, the ultimate punchline is that, we were told this was only going to be two weeks. We know it’s gonna last forever. There is no rule, there is no power in history that governments have taken away and given back freely. There has to be a demand. And they will keep those powers forever. They will never relinquish them ever too. Each one of the powers they have gotten, and this is the rule tah is as reliable law of gravity: They will abuse it to the ultimate extent possible, so you have to assume that any power that you give them, they are going to abuse.

0:18:01.2 CAF: Okay, so how do we fix that?

0:18:02.5 RFK,Jr.: And the last rule I would say is, nobody ever complied their way out of totalitarianism.

0:18:10.2 CAF: Absolutely. Bravo.

0:18:11.7 RFK,Jr.: The more you behave, the worse it’s gonna get.

0:18:16.3 CAF: Yes. Absolutely.

0:18:17.3 RFK,Jr.: And this today is really the hill you are going to die on. If you don’t defend hill this tomorrow.

0:18:29.8 Catherine: So, two things before we close. I have to tell you, one of the most inspiring things about this book is I realized as you read it, what you have managed to do over many decades is pull together, I call it a Zulu Army of the 21th century, a group of doctors and scientists and attorneys and journalists, and it is a remarkable demonstration of what happens when that many smart people come together to serve freedom. And it’s remarkable, it’s really… Because you’ve managed to put together a network, which is very mighty and very inspiring and makes you feel when you read it, I’m not alone. There’s a lot of people who are fearless and fighting for freedom. So, one…

0:19:21.9 RFK,Jr.: I had better run now Catherine, We are in an arms race. The question is, can we build the resistance quick enough to stop the escalating control that they’ve planned now with their turn-key-totalitarianism ? Or are we gonna get to the point where they just have so much power, that even if 100% of us are opposing them, is there gonna be an exit?

0:19:45.1 CAF: So one thing I’m gonna suggest, one thing everybody can do is buy this book, read this book, give it to your friends for Christmas, pass it on. I’ve been passing it out like candy at Halloween. No, but it’s remarkable because I pass it out and people read it. And when they read it, it changes their mind, and they see the urgency of doing something and resisting now. So as you say, resist, resist, resist. And I can’t thank you enough for joining us, the Doctors For COVID Ethics, all of us are very appreciative of everything you do. If there’s anything we can ever do to help, let us know we’re there.

0:20:21.4 RFK,Jr.: Thank you Catherine.

0:20:23.3 CAF: Have a great day.

0:20:23.8 RFK,Jr.: You too.

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