Write to your representatives, make your voice heard, join other advocates of good health and freedom

Write to your representatives

Make your voice heard and join other advocates for good health and freedom

If we want debate, we’re going to have to speak up. So let’s build a rapport with our elected officials by writing to tell them what we want.

You might wonder what the point of writing to your local councillor could be, never mind your MEP… Well, some politicians may surprise you! Remember, with rampant censorship by social media and a dearth of debate in the mainstream, there is a lot parliamentarians simply are not aware of.

So, when an alliance of European organisations including CHD Europe wrote to MEPs on the dangers of the Proposal for a European vaccine card, the response was reassuringly postive (click here for the PDF/ Available in English / French / German / Italian / Portuguese / Spanish).

Now, why not take a few minutes to express yourself? Make your voice heard, a voice for the children of Europe! Let our leaders know what we want: good health and freedom.

Here are a few tips:


MEPs Contact details

Click here to download the dynamic List of MEPs. By clicking on each name, you will be redirect to the European Parliament website page dedicated to the MEP where you will find the direct telephone number for each one.

Put the key points in the subject line and keep your message short

Write what matters to you. Add references to fact sheets, articles, open letters and videos that you like. A thousand people writing a thousand personal messages could have more impact than a thousand sending one that’s the same. A personal message is more likely to be read, while a template may be blocked. You don’t need to be an expert. Your voice counts too.

Find contact details for local, national and European officials online

– The names and email address of Members of the European Parliament are listed by country here
– The European Medicines Agency and national health authorities
– Mayors, local representatives, and members of national parliaments
– Unions and professional orders
– Mainstream media journalists
– Heads of schools and universities

Start with this list of French city halls (template letter here)
and this list of email addresses for Belgian MPs and Senators

Send each email to no more than 10-15 people

If you send an email to too many people it may be marked as spam. Copy and paste the emails in cc—or bc if you prefer that email addresses in your list stay hidden from the other addressees

Make yourself known

Follow local and national politicians on social media. Twitter is a powerful way to reach legislators in real-time. Make appointments to meet them. Attend rallies, debates, fundraisers and other events. Donate to candidates who support freedom.

Try this list of MEPs on social media, such as their Facebook & Twitter accounts

And get to know the law too

Sign up for notices of forthcoming changes in the law. If you see one on the horizon, sign petitions, make phone calls and attend hearings!


Slide Unique Take Action

Watch eye opening & well researched film and video
Share on social media
Organise public or private screenings followed by post film discussion…

March for peace and freedom
Spread the word

Slide Unique Take Action

Watch eye opening & well researched film and video
Share on social media
Organise public or private screenings followed by post film discussion...

March for peace and freedom
Spread the word