Take action

It’s time to take action

Wherever you are in the world, there are ways you can help—big and small

Across the world, human rights and the environment are under attack. When the challenges we face are global, it’s time to join forces.

Revolution starts with a dream of something better. With a strong desire to achieve that dream we can inspire others. As the success of our humming bird email campaign demonstrates, by doing our bit individually we can make a difference together.

When it comes to making a better future for us and our children, every little step in the right direction matters. Our goal at CHD Europe is to inform citizens and influence lawmakers across the world. We share the fruits of our work and invite you to take action with us.

Let’s learn from each other and work in solidarity.

Here’s how you can take action today:

Slide Unique Take Action

Write to your representatives
Make your voice heard
Join the ranks of true health advocates and the chorus of freedom

Watch eye opening & well researched film and video
Share on social media
Organise public or private screenings followed by post film discussion...

March for peace and freedom
Spread the word