Vera Sharav: “Never again” doesn’t mean very much if you’re silencing those who are trying to prevent it from happening


0:00:00.0 S1: Those who recognize that history is very relevant to what is going on today, and that in many ways it’s a parallel and replay. Others who have tried to bring that subject out into the open are vilified and quickly called Neo-Nazis. Well, I’m appalled by that, and that’s why I’m going around wherever to talk about it and to bring it out to the floor, ’cause unfortunately, there really, really are very similar parallels. The fact of the matter is that the Holocaust would not have occurred if people would have spoken up and would have rejected what was going on, it wasn’t just the military takeover, it was people’s apathy that was the cause of the Holocaust. And I’m trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again, because just saying “Never again” doesn’t mean very much if you’re silencing those who are trying to prevent it from happening… I’ll give you some examples of parallels, one of the main parallel is so extremely disturbing, and I used to say that it was the uniqueness of the Holocaust compared to other genocides was the total collaboration of the medical establishment. And what is happening now is being… Pretty much pushed and helped along by the complicit medical establishment. In Nazi Germany, the first medical murder victims were German infants and children, a thousand of them, they were medically murdered at hospitals. That T4 program expanded to the disabled of all ages and finally a nursing home residents. In 2020, the wealthiest governments in the world, Western Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, essentially medically murdered nursing home residents, the Nazis called them worthless eaters.

0:02:41.5 S1: In Sweden, they called it active euthanasia. United Kingdom ordered copiest, orders of a drug, which they prescribed a very high doses Midazolam to medically murder, and they are still stock-piling that drug. So you have to ask yourself, where we’re heading? Where we’re heading? I just read that even though some of the restrictions are being lifted in some countries, at the same time, the FDA and CDC is recommending booster shots for the children… On what basis? For what purpose? The injections, and I don’t call them vaccines, because they are gene transfer therapy really, experimental gene transfer therapy, they were supposed to prevent infection, prevent death and prevent transmission of infection. Well, they now acknowledge the… The evidence is incontrovertible from Israel, United States, UK, EMA, that the shots don’t work. They don’t do what they were promised to do. So my question is, if these injections don’t prevent infection or transmission, why then are the vaccinated special… They’re allowed to do… They have all kinds of freedom, which the government allows them from time to time, they still have to wear masks, but the unvaccinated are being vilified as the Jews were in the 1930s and 40s.

0:04:56.5 S1: What the difference… Just the fact that the vaccinated are obedient, and this is what I think, you really have to think clearly about. Being obedient means being taken to the slaughter house. They won’t need gas chambers this time round, the technology as far more sophisticated and far more dangerous actually, because they can do everything remotely with people not even knowing what’s happening. So I say, please wake up and wake up your neighbors. Don’t let it happen again.

0:05:43.6 S2: Just as any censorship about any topic. If there is censorship, then you know that the topic is very pregnant. It’s got a lot of meaning. And they don’t want you to open up the can of worms. And that’s what has happened with the Holocaust. Particularly I know in Germany, but also in the United States. The institutions, including Jewish institutions, that are run by… That’s the point, we don’t really know exactly who are the finances of it, and they are essentially… What they’ve done is they have taken the Holocaust out of the historical perspective and put it into some box away to be taken out once a year, and that’ll be January 27th, Memorial, and to make it untouchable. Okay.

0:06:50.8 S1: That’s a crime that is a self-serving way of hiding information that they don’t want the public to know. Why? Because then you will all recognize the parallels that I am recognizing and that other Holocaust survivors are as well. Some of the most important spokespeople of the Holocaust who were survivors of Auschwitz, said like Elie Wiesel, Nobel laureate: The worst crime was the silence. Silence was the worst crime. And when asked whether it could happen again. Recently, again, Auschwitz survivor Polish journalist said, Yes, it could happen if you eliminate Civil Rights and don’t protect minorities, then it can happen again. And initially, right after the war, Primo Levi, who was an Italian chemist and author. He said immediately it happened, therefore it can happen again, and it can happen everywhere. This is what they don’t want you to think about. That yes, it can happen again. And I’m trying my most to alert people. That’s my only weapons is information, is warning. There are lots of people who who are witnessing what’s happening right now, and you hear silence, of course, what are the indisputable facts that may you… That tell you that something is going on, because there are a lot of people who don’t believe.

0:08:46.6 S1: Something serious is going on. What are the indisputable signs that you see that it’s going on again, thank you.

0:08:57.2 S2: I can tell you one thing… I can tell you one thing that’s having survivors really shaken up, seeing the videos of police in black uniforms in western cities, and yes, even in Israel, brutally attacking demonstrators, women being knocked on the floor, dragged. It’s been going on in Italy, in Brussels actually, we saw that too, in Germany and in Israel, and of course in Australia, where they’re way way into… They already have a concentration camp where they’re sending the indigenous people who have… They pose no threat of covid whatsoever, so this looks like a take over of their resources essentially. But they’re using Covid, this virus, this is the real virus that is infecting those who are manipulating this whole scenario is the virus of eugenics. It’s never gone away. What we are really dealing with are the heirs of the Nazis, they have the same mentality. Eugenicists believe that they are superior and that all others are an underclass. The Germans used to call them untermenschen.

0:10:39.1 S1: And the superior ones are the ubermenschen… That mentality has not gone away, and we’re seeing it play out.

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