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Inform liable authorities all over Europe! (French doctors’ initiative)

The French collective Laissons Les Médecins Prescrire is launching a European action. They need your help to bring crucial information to light.

 It is now URGENT that you, the people, stand up against these authoritarian measures that have no medical or scientific justification.

This initiative is VERY IMPORTANT. Many officials and people in the public eye are not informed. In fact, they are most likely misinformed. Doctors from the collective come up against this problem extremely frequently when talking to public officials. Take heart!  If every person who receives this message sends 2 registered letters with return receipt, the level of awareness will change rapidly.

And, as this document has no copyright, it can be addressed to any person on the planet by any means of communication you wish. We would be grateful if you could diffuse this letter to your contacts throughout the world. It can also be distributed at demonstrations and to people you meet on the street (black and white copies suffice).

Volunteer translators are also working on the translation in as many different languages as possible. These translations will be put on line here and diffused by all means of communication possible.

It is important for each person to ask questions and to have access to all sources of information. This summary document is factual. Please do you own research, take part in healthy debate, forge your own opinion.

We are very sorry but we cannot respond to your messages due to the sheer number of them.

But we thank you for being there.
Take good care of yourselves.

How to participate?

Step 1: print this document available in PDF here, if possible in colour so that the information is presented as clearly as possible.

Step 2: send it by registered or certified mail (depending on which country you are in) with return receipt (signature necessary) to a person in the suggested list below.  Under the recipient’s name write « Reference LLMP-2212 », then write the person’s title and address. Sending the document by registered/certified mail with signature upon receipt is proof that can be used against the person receiving the document.
The return receipts will be notarized.

Step 3: Send the return receipt to the following two different email addresses in jpg format (this can be done by taking a photo using your phone), pdf format, or, if you sent an electronic registered letter, by transferring a digital receipt received from the post office:

Step 4: make sure you keep the return receipt in a safe place or save it in your files if it is in electronic format.
It isn’t possible for us to delegate which people to send to. However, it doesn’t matter if the same person receives the same document twice, or more. 

The accompanying message can go as follows:

« I would like to bring to your attention the following summary note from the French Collective Laissons les Médecins Prescrire (Let Doctors Prescribe), as it is of the utmost importance. This is a petition for you to act.  I am counting on you to call for a public debate on this issue as a matter of urgency. »

Suggested Mailing List

  • Members of Parliament
  • Senators
  • Mayors
  • Government advisors
  • Candidates for elections
  • Governors/Premiers
  • Local officials
  • School Boards
  • Head of the Medical Councils
  • Head of the Association of Firefighters
  • Heads of the Public Health Agencies
  • Head of the College of Physicians / Nurses
  • School Principals
  • Judges
  • Army Generals
  • Police Chiefs
  • Journalists
  • Directors of Press Agencies
  • Health Correspondents for the Press, Radio and TV
  • Doctors with conflicts of interest who appear in the media
  • Health Minister
  • Directors of Health Agencies
  • Head of Trade Unions
  • University Chancellors

Please also diffuse to the following (any means of communication possible) :

  • Doctors
  • Health professionals
  • Retirement Home Directors
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers
  • The entire population…

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