Prof. Christian Perronne About Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Book “We Can Not Accept These State’s Lies”

This book is an absolutely gigantic work that I salute because few people would be able to carry out such an investigation over 40 years, with such precise data – everything is sourced – to denounce this odious corruption that has completely perverted medicine in the world.

On the occasion of the release of Robert Kennedy Jr’s book, Professor Perronne, who has made a number of explosive statements, returns to denounce the acts of collusion and corruption that undermine our health systems.

A former head of the infectious diseases department at Garches Hospital, he is one of the leading specialists in infectious and tropical diseases. As part of a truth challenge, he came to present Robert Kennedy Jr’s book: “Antony Fauci, Bill Gates and Big Pharma: their global war on democracy and public health”, of which he prefaced the French version.

More info about the book in French here.

Watch Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. message to the French people here.

Originally published on France Soir.

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Message from RFK
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