Pfingsten in Berlin, Demonstration May 21st-24th: “Our Fundamental Rights Are Not Negotiable”

On May 21-24, the movement “Pfingsten in Berlin” is calling the citizens to join a rally which will last for four days in the streets of Berlin.  The organizers insisted that “People should come as people, as simple citizens. National flags, party flags and all extremist symbols are therefore not welcome.”  

The programme of the rally can be found on the website as well as the Manifesto, “Pentacost in Berlin”:

“Our fundamental rights are not negotiable.


  1. the withdrawal of all changes to the Infection Protection Act of November 18, 2020
  2. the full restoration of all fundamental rights
  3. the right to self-determined handling of our body without the risk of social discrimination
  4. protecting our children from isolation, reprisals and unwanted medical interventions by the state
  5. autonomous regulation of how to deal with old or sick family members and friends
  6. the immediate end of the emerging two-class society.
  7. the immediate unrestricted opening of trade, services, gastronomy and culture
  8. the support of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the promotion of regional agriculture
  9. independent science-based decisions
  10. a censorship-free press and freedom of expression in all media
  11. the end of the media fear campaigns
  12. Based on the Corona investigation committee , that all those responsible are held accountable.”


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Message from RFK
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