Interview Dr. Stephen Karanja and Dr. Wahome Ngare: “Is This Vaccine A Commercial Enterprise?” (Kenya)

Interview Dr. Stephen Karanja Dr. Wahome Ngare

by Uwe Alschner


Kenya is a country where cynical experiments with vaccines have been exposed. And several times! A country where there are courageous doctors who speak plainly. Who are able to distinguish one from the other.

Dr. Stephen Karanja and Dr. Wahome Ngare took the time to speak plainly about what is going on with Covid. About the statement of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association (KCDA), about existing treatments that are being suppressed, about vaccination experiments from the past, and about uncontrollable risks of the experimental vaccinations against Covid.

Fasten your seat belts! Take a deep breath! And share this video!

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Following the video, WHO published the article below to shut down any debate:

WHO Statement on the Catholic Doctors Association of Kenya Advisory on COVID‐19 Vaccines and Treatment


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: is the WHO led by a terrorist? The go-between of Gates and China engaged in the global leadership battle.

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