European Vaccine Passport Scheme’s Voted

In Brussels yesterday the European Parliament adopted a negotiating position on the Commission’s Digital Green Certificate proposal. 575 MEPs voted for a compromise text, with 80 against and 40 abstentions.

Voting took place remotely after three hours of speeches to a mostly empty chamber.

The Commission’s desire to create a universal system of health check points within the EU was apparent before the Plenary Session. During the debate it became increasingly clear that these checks will be taking place beyond Member State borders.

MEPs were resigned to passing the Regulation in order to “return to normal” even if it “puts Schengen at stake”.

Voter concerns that European society would be divided were occasionally relayed, usually as a prefix to a bald statement that the DGC would neither discriminate nor function as a pass for entry into Member States.

A handful of MEPs asked to examine the Proposal more critically.

With Parliament’s approval – and the three EU Institutions already in alignment – negotiations between Commission, Council and Parliament on the final text will be a mere formality.

We can expect the rubberstamp by June, ushering in a sophisticated and probably enduring system of health checks across Europe, enhanced by the draconian Passenger Locator Form, also on its way to becoming law.

Originally published on the British blog Lockdown Sceptics

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  1. Passenger locator form are illegal and anticonstitutional but as we know lawyers will do nothing to defend our rights.

    ‘vaccine’ passports are even more illegal and a blackmail to coerce healthy people to get injected with deadly substances PLUS they are violating human rights and the Nuremberg Code, therefore amounting to crimes agaisnt humanity and AGAIN, lawyers, who should sue the CRIMINALS at the EU commission, parliament an council will DO NOTHING.

    People will have to take up arms and take down the corrupt institutions to keep their freedom or live in the same type of dictatorship that China, the USSR or Nazi germany were.

  2. Angelika Weller says:

    Wholly unacceptable – we must refuse to be injected with a substance intended to permanently change our DNA and worse yet: be part of the global depopulation program.

  3. It is absolutely wrong to require vaccine passports. It is wrong to take away our freedom to go on vacation. May they lose their positions. May they be fired

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