13-15 May in Malmö, Sweden: Join The Northern Light Convention in Person or Online. Together We’ll Kick-start Democratic Recovery!

Children’s Health Defense Europe is co-organising a first-of-its-kind-convention! Expert panelists from the fields of Activism, Science & Medicine, Law, Politics and Economics will explore and elaborate solutions to the problem of waning Democracy, and we invite you to be part of it!

“When Scandinavian Freedom Events came to us to become a partner, we saw the immense opportunity to raise awareness and inspire people to act” says Orsolya Gyorffy, member of the Board of Directors of CHD Europe.

“This event serves our main mission which is to defend the respect of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democratic principles in health practices and policies, in particular by promoting the principles of free informed consent and freedom of care, the respect of privacy, freedom of debate in science and the right to transparency.

Whilst the train towards globalist control and transhumanism seems to be accelerating, the Northern Light Convention will, for the first time, assemble activists, scientists, politicians, lawyers and economists who have been fighting this narrative in full force and will offers solutions moving forward.

20+ Participants from across Europe and around the world will be there in person

Guests include distinguished independent scientists such as Professors Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany) and Christian Perronne (France), who have been questioning the narrative early on when it became obvious that data did not support the containment policies adopted in an almost uniform manner around the globe. Dr. Meryl Nass will be joining the convention from the United States. She has been challenging the CDC and FDA in the United States, where a variety of measures taken in different states have demonstrated that mandating masks and vaccines were not effective measures which shaped the outcome of the pandemic.

Catherine Austin Fitts (USA) will attend and lead the discussion on a way out of a tightening grid of vaccine passport infrastructure that in turn-key-fashion can be used to do away with cash, thus ending all currencies in exchange for a system of financial control and social credit scores – that will turn our god-given rights into privileges to be held only by unelected technocratic elites.

Willem Engel will attend, who is one of the most prominent faces of peaceful civil disobedience in Europe. The trained scientist from Rotterdam had meant to leave the field of science back in 2008 and teach dance for the rest of life, only to be drawn back into Science when „the pandemic“ was declared and Willem saw himself called upon to call out scientific fraud in several court cases both on a national and European level. Willem Engel will contribute by teaching what it takes to make a stand in peaceful civil disobedience.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Founder, Chairman of the Board & Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, Mary Holland, Lawyer and President of Children’s Health Defense and and Dr. Mike Yeadon BSc, formerly Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer Allergy & Respiratory at Pfizer Global R&D, will be joining on Zoom.

Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude PhD (France), James Patrick (USA), John Titus (USA), Christine Anderson (Germany), Prof. Richard Werner D.Phil. (UK), Anne de Buisseret (UK), Philippe Kruse (Switzerland), Dr. Thomas Binder MD (Switzerland), Justyna Walker (Poland), Mads Palsvig (Denmark), Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg (Austria), Heiko Santelman (Germany), Astrid STUCKELBERGER (MSc PhD PD – Switzerland) and more will be there.

Book your ticket NOW on the dedicated website here and be part of this historic convention, either in person or via online livestream.

After two years of progressing infringements on fundamental Human Rights and Civil Liberties, in which Sweden played an important role of showing the world how things could have been done otherwise, it is going to be Sweden from where will shine a light in Malmö from May 13th to 15th.

Follow the Convention on Telegram: t.me/ScandinavianFreedomEvents

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