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Bhakdi trial enters the second round – the public prosecutor’s statement is now available

Source: Report24.news, Willi Huber, originally published: 14 May 2024

As announced, the German Public Prosecutor General’s Office, represented by the controversial senior public prosecutor Silke Füssinger, filed an appeal last year. The 15-page notice of appeal, which is available to Report24, is dated 6 December 2023. In the midst of genuine anti-Semitic offences, which manifest themselves daily in words, images and violence on German streets, there is still time for a politically motivated prosecution of the gentle scientist.

Senior public prosecutor Silke Füssinger took office as the anti-Semitism commissioner of the Schleswig-Holstein Public Prosecutor General’s Office in December 2021 with a declared “zero tolerance strategy” with regard to discrimination against Jewish fellow citizens. It is not known in detail how many cases she has brought against new citizens who make negative remarks about Jews, sometimes for religious reasons, and shout corresponding slogans on the streets. However, one can read in the system media that a new peak of (genuine?) anti-Semitic offences was recorded in Schleswig-Holstein, especially after the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. Nevertheless, there is still enough time to prosecute someone at great state expense who, subjectively speaking, is not guilty of anything.

Hence the accusations

For the sake of completeness, we are repeating the controversial passage of the unfortunate interview, which serves the public prosecutor’s office as one of the two pieces of evidence, in its entirety (the second incident was a speech at an election campaign event organised by the party “Die Basis” in Kiel):

Sucharit Bhakdi said verbatim: “And if you are so indolent and don’t stand up and say “No! You’re not doing this with us!”, then you’re finished. And then you will not have the opportunity to flee. Israel. The Israelis can no longer flee. The country is closed. That will happen here.

And I was once asked by an American what I had to say about Israel. For me, the Israelis, this people that I admired more than any other people in the world. I was a Jew admirer. You know I’m a music lover, an art lover. The greatest spirits were the Jews. I’m sorry if I have to tell you this, yes? I’m sorry, because I’m a Buddhist. I adored them. You’ve seen my record collection. I travelled after these Jewish musicians to get a signature from them. Itzhak Stern, David Oistrakh. I travelled hundreds of kilometres to hear them, to get their autograph. I adored them.

And now they do this. The people who have fled this country. From this land where the arch-evil was. And have found their land. They have turned their own country into something that is even worse than Germany was. That is unbelievable. And then I told the Americans: that’s the bad thing about the Jews. They learn well. There is no nation that learns better than they do. But they have now learnt evil and put it into practice. And that’s why Israel is now “living hell”. And I told the Americans: And if you are not careful, America will also be a living hell. And I’m telling you now: your country will be turned into a living hell if you don’t get up soon!

Public prosecutor’s office locates incitement against all Jews

Unsurprisingly, the public prosecutor’s office does not agree with the court of first instance, which had acquitted the accused. The court of first instance did not see an attack on human dignity, rather Prof. Bhakdi had expressed criticism of the Israeli government’s vaccination policy measures. The public prosecutor’s office, on the other hand, found that Bhakdi’s statements had always been directed against all Jews in general – and not just those abroad. Jews in Germany were also included.

In the grounds of appeal, senior public prosecutor Silke Füssinger explains that these were sweeping judgements about “the Jews” and their ability to learn. There was no longer any reference to the state of Israel, but Bhakdi had spoken about all Jews in the world and their nature, including those in Germany.

Bhakdi would claim that all Jews are evil

With his statements, Bhakdi had “suggested to the average objective recipient that all Jews were (generally) evil.” This is because he did not pay sufficient attention to differentiation in his choice of words.

Füssinger argues that this would constitute an attack on the human dignity of Jews: For an attack on human dignity, it is necessary that the person attacked is denied their right to life as an equal personality in the state community. Furthermore, they must be treated as an inferior or unworthy being. Bhakdi had suggested precisely this to an intelligent average recipient. He wanted to say that all Jews were evil.

Bhakdi’s “attack” was directed “not only against individual behaviour or personal rights of Jews, but against the core of their personality that constitutes their human dignity”. He had thus utilised anti-Semitic narratives “according to which Jews embody all that is bad and evil”.

Furthermore, Bhakdi had disturbed public peace and indirectly contributed to violence

Bhakdi had also disturbed public peace, particularly with his statements at a rally in Kiel on 24 September 2021. On several pages, the public prosecutor states that the statements were made in front of a frightened and insecure audience at the “time of the offence”. On the other hand, there was an aggressive public debate about the protective measures ordered by the state. In 2021, there would have been an increase in acts of violence by people who felt that their rights had been curtailed by protective measures against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The insane act in Bad Kreuznach is cited as an example, although it was committed in Kiel before Bhakdi’s statements. Here, the public prosecutor’s office again arbitrarily jumps to the statements in the aforementioned video without making this clear. Füssinger states that the perpetrator Mario N.’s frustration with the mask requirement and the coronavirus protective measures led to the murder of petrol station cashier Alexander W.. Basically, the suggestion is that lectures like Bhakdi’s in Kiel led to this insane act.

The gentle and calm Professor Bhakdi, of all people, is thus indirectly accused of having been the catalyst for an intense act of violence that was completely different in terms of time and content. In particular, his level-headed and scientifically orientated, well-founded manner is accused in several passages of being particularly dangerous.

The Holocaust would have been trivialised

The argument continues in a similar vein, according to which Bhakdi trivialised or relativised the Holocaust. A passage from the speech at the election campaign event in Kiel is quoted in extracts:

“Already, the global elite has succeeded in injecting over 1 billion doses of the genetically based substances into unsuspecting people. (…) But will it be enough to make a perhaps decisive contribution on Sunday? I don’t know. I only know that if we fail, there is only a tiny remaining chance of escaping the impending doom. We must try to reach those who can still be reached. “Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, 24 September 2021, Kiel

The senior public prosecutor described these formulations as haunting and disturbing. She sees the relativisation of the Holocaust realised, among other things, in a sentence that follows later:

“This ultimate goal is the creation of the new reality and involves nothing other than the second Holocaust, the abolition of humanity in its present form. “Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, 24 September 2021, Kiel

This was “an aggressive emotionalisation that was capable of lowering inhibition thresholds.” Bhakdi had thus increased the risk of violent riots. It was sufficient that there was a mere threat for this allegation, it was not necessary that corresponding acts were committed as a result. It is therefore sufficient for the public prosecutor’s office to fantasise that critics of the coronavirus measures were in principle prepared to use violence or could be manipulated and could therefore theoretically have carried out such violence.

The context of the disputed statements was omitted and ignored in each case

The public prosecutor’s office completely ignores the respective context, which was extremely important to the trial judge. He allowed both the speech in Kiel and the interview to be played in full in order to hear, but also to show that the context was by no means inflammatory, but rather a call for dialogue, and that the intention was by no means to insult or disparage Jews in general – but rather a misinterpretation. The neutral viewer must even assume that the misinterpretation was downright malicious and deliberate. It should be remembered that it is also part of the duty of a public prosecutor to establish facts that speak in favour of the accused and exonerate him.

Likewise, there is no corresponding acknowledgement and statement that Prof Bhakdi has lived in Germany for a long time and speaks excellent German – but still not at native speaker level. Anyone who knows and appreciates Bhakdi’s lectures knows this – and accordingly it is also important to understand that he does not form every one of his sentences in the same way as someone who has German as their mother tongue would. To simply ignore this seems dishonest.

Prosecutor reinforces pandemic narrative without including counter-opinions

In view of the currently available RKI papers, the last paragraph in particular reads like a cynical mockery of reality. It states the following:

The general political and social development in the context of the pandemic would be a generally known fact. Since the beginning of the pandemic, all details about the virus, medical developments, political measures and the behaviour of the population have been constantly published and discussed in all media. The entire population was always up to date with the latest information. As the entire coronavirus narrative was therefore a publicly known fact, there was no need to discuss it again in court.

No specific date has yet been set for the upcoming court hearing against Prof Sucharit Bhakdi.

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