Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sounds The Alarm Over Genocidal Crimes of Anthony Fauci & Bill Gates

Robert Kennedy Jr.: This pandemic has killed millions of people, he is one of the, probably one of the worst mass murderer in the history of the planet, alright ? And, you know, you can say : “oh that’s hyperbole ! But look at the facts, you know. Everybody was telling him for years. You better stop doing this gain of function, because one of these things is going to escape and cause an out of control pandemic. And it’s exactly what has happened, according to the best evidence that we have today.

Mike Adams: Welcome everyone to “Brighteon Conversations”. I’m Mike Adams, the founder of Today, we have an individual that I consider to be a true American hero. It’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s the author of a new book called “The real Tony Fauci”. He’s also the founder of “Children’s Health Defense” that’s doing extraordinary work, researching what I would call the truth about not, not just, you know, what’s in vaccines, but also about how to protect children from environmental pollutants as well, even going back to mercury issues. I just want to welcome you.  May I call you, Bobby, for this interview ? Is that okay ? Okay, well, well, welcome to the interview. It’s an honor to have you on sir, I’m a great fan of your work. And our fans really love you as well. Hey, thanks for coming on.

RFK Jr.:  Mike. Thanks for having me.

MA: Well, tell us first about, about this book. It’s just coming out. First, what’s the launch date of it ? And then also, “The Real Tony Fauci”. I think, people are starting to see that they might be horrified by “The Real Tony Fauci”, they’re not sure yet. So what do you cover in this book that might be interesting to people ?

RFK Jr.: (1:50) The full title of the book is called “The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Human Health” and it’s Skyhorse and you can order it on Amazon. And I would urge your, your audience it’s I know is interested in this issue to order it as soon as you can. Because if you want to know something that you can do to fight back, ordering that book and I know it sounds self-serving, but it is one of the things you can do, because we can drive this onto the bestseller list and make it a bestseller. A whole bunch of cascading things happen at that time, Mike. It goes to the front of the bookstores, and you get a lot of kind of feedback loops. But it also forces media to recognize and then to deal with it. And it will get people to read it who need to read who Tony Fauci really is. And just to give you a kind of brief…, you know, a brief picture of this extraordinary story of the man who’s the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. He has been 50 years since 1968 at The National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Diseases. And he started out doing mischief almost immediately.

But today, he is the most powerful man historically in public health and history, which is, as we know, with power to shut down entire economies, bankrupt nations, bankrupt societies engineer the largest shift in wealth, upward shift in wealth in the history of the world. Basically obliterate the middle class globally, create a class of billionaires and technocrats who are now. And then abolish constitutional rights, beginning with speech with this huge wave of censorship, religious freedom shutting down every church in America for a year, while keeping liquor stores open as essential businesses. There is no protection of liquor stores in the Constitution, but  the Constitution does protect religious freedom,  abolishing jury trials, the sixth and seventh amendment rights.

When it comes to any of its countermeasures, including, you know, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, you can sue them no matter how grievous your injury, no matter how negligent the company. Abolishing due process, you know, they’re doing rulemakings without having public hearings on outcome and without environmental impact statements without any kind of regulatory assessment. And then abolishing rights to assembly and you know, all the other… you can go on and on basically, the entire retinue of, of constitutional rights have been trampled in the last year in a way that we couldn’t have imagined even two years ago. But the way that he’s managed to do that, is Tony Fauci has a 7.6 billion $ annual budget. And that money comes most, 6.1 billion come from United States taxpayers, and then 1.6 billion come from the military. And that’s why he got into all of these bio weapons.

After 9/11, the military started pouring money into developing bio weapons. It’s illegal. And so they called dual use, because it allowed him to say, well, we’re gonna do this for vaccines. But the real agenda behind it is that it’s developing weaponry. And it’s never done any there’s no knowledge that’s ever come out of 20 years of him messing with stuff, that has ever helped public health. And we now know that of course, the…, you know, the virus almost certainly came from experiments,  that he was funding in China and he, he has caused this global pandemic.

MA: (6:07) Well, I’m even wondering how it must be almost frustrating to write the book., and then, over the last two weeks, so much evidence comes out in the Fauci emails. It’s almost like the book seems to be constantly refreshed with the latest breaking news right ?

RFK Jr.: (6:20) Hard to keep up with it.

You know, the thing, the reason he has so much power, is originally his agency was supposed to investigate the biologie of infectious disease and allergic autoimmune disease. And he doesn’t do any of that. He cannot tell you. When he came into office, the chronic disease rate in Americans was 6%. Today is 54%. And it’s clearly, it has caused you know, this explosion of autoimmune disease and autism that when he came, in fact, that one in 10,000 Americans today it’s one in every 22 boys that’s born in this country. Well, his job is to tell us why is that happening ? Clearly, it’s an environmental toxin. Genes do not cause epidemic. They may provide a vulnerability, but you need an environmental toxin. And there’s only a small number of them that, you know, could be the culprits in this explosion of autoimmune disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, food allergies, all of them appeared beginning in 1989. All of them went epidemic that same year.

And he doesn’t tell us he doesn’t do that research as the “Research Congress” told him to do. But what he does is that he’s taking all that money and turned his agency into an incubator for the pharmaceutical industry. So he develops drugs, that’s what he does. And he patents them and turns them over to the industry. Individuals within his agency can collect royalties of $150,000 a year per patents  ! And he chooses who gets to keep the patents. So he chose 4 of his top deputies, to get royalty rights on the Moderna vaccine. And his agency gets royalty rights. So his agency is going to make hundreds of millions of dollars on that vaccine, all of his top guys are going to make $150,000 a year on that vaccine.

(The) real power it gives him, is that he has the power to ruin or to reward any scientist really in the world, and any university. So, for example, I’ll tell you how he punishes people. If there was a scientist at your university…, and all the major universities with medical schools get hundreds of millions of dollars from Tony Fauci every year. So Baylor College, Columbia University of Harvard, Stanford, any place that you can think of, the money is pouring in from his agency. If there’s a teacher on your faculty that says: You know what, I want to look at whether vaccines are having anything to do with the exploding autism epidemic or diabetes epidemics, or arthritis or food allergy epidemic and I’m going to go into the public databases and do that study. As soon as Tony Fauci gets wind of that, he will make a call, or one of its deputies will, to the dean of that university, and say: “You left that scientist go forward. First of all we control the publications and he is never going to get published. Number two, if you do it, we will pull all of your cash for the next year. And you’ll never get another dime from us again.” And he can bankrupt that university.

MA: (9:52) So what you’re describing sounds like a medical or a scientific dictatorship.

RFK Jr.: (9:58) It is ! it’s really, it’s a protection rack. And that’s why everybody’s wondering, you know, everybody knew that the, that the Coronavirus was lab generated. There was no voice, like, you know, all these Nobel Prize winners and the greatest scientists in the world who were looking at this honestly, from the beginning, said there’s this, you know, this furin  cleavage, which allow the Spike protein to, to ness or to, to invade the ACE receptors in the human lung. And there’s no intermediate evolutionary process, by which that could have happened. It had to be inserted. And everybody said that from the beginning, including Tony Fauci’s own people, they said, this is engineered. And why did everybody for a year keep their mouth shut ? The entire virologists community kept their mouth shut, even though they all knew this. The reason was because they know if they speak out, they will never get a dime from Tony Fauci again.

And it’s not just Fauci ! How do you, also Fauci himself gives away 13 times the amount of money that Bill Gates gives away every year. In the year 2000, Gates called Fauci and asked him to come visit him in Seattle. And the two of them met in Fauci’s library… Gates, Gates, Gates library. Gates has a 147 million $ home on the banks of Lake Washington in Seattle. And he called Fauci into his library. They sat there on club chairs and had slinks of drinks. And he proposed, and Gates proposed a partnership to him. And the partnership was that they would start a vaccine partnership, to essentially take control of this $60 billion industry with no limitation on its exploding growth.

And together over the next 20 years, they built this extraordinary infrastructure where they control all of these quasi agencies, that Gates created GAVI, CEPI, PATH, the Brighton Collaboration. They control all of these health ministries around the world who rely on US dollars and WHO dollars for their existence. And they control on the … through, through through Gates, they control also Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft and Google. And Google also was part of this deal where they became a vaccine company. And you know, they’re creating flu vaccines, COVID vaccines, cancer vaccines.

They’re all involved with making money, partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry and they created this extraordinary infrastructure, where they control all the communications, they control the political infrastructure, they control the regulatory infrastructure. And 10 years later, Gates went in front of the United Nations and declared the decade of vaccines. And he gave it 10 billion $ to the WHO, took control of that agency completely. And the two of them then put together this, you know, they also invest in all these front groups and astroturf groups to go after vaccine hesitancy to abolish vaccine hesitancy.

And by 2019, they had their whole their whole infrastructure together. And they… and that was the year, you know, Adam Schiff comes forward through the WHO at the beginning of the year, in January of that year. Remember by October, Coronavirus had been …  was out there. In January of that year the WHO says that vaccine hesitancy is the greatest, one of the 10 greatest threats to humanity. No science behind this, it’s just Gates, you know, using them as a sock puppet.

Three months later, Adam Schiff comes out, writes a letter to all of the social media companies saying: “we want you to start censoring any information about vaccine hesitancy”. And then in October, Gates has the fifth of his series of simulations, you know, which is called event 201. But it’s one of many. And they bring in military people, CIA, intelligence people, pharmaceutical and people …, the head guy Johnson and Johnson was at that one, media people, people from the social media and from the public relations. And they drill, they do a drill about how to use a pandemic, to impose totalitarian controls, masking, lockdown force lockdowns, to how to basically shatter a society. There is all these psychological warfare techniques that were developed by the CIA. How do you cause chaos in a society, how do you create total demoralization, how do you paralyze a society, how they will beg for a powerful leader. How do you impose, essentially Stockholm Syndrome with a hostage is put the entire society under house arrest. And the, and then induce this kind of dependence and a gratitude towards your captors, where you believe that the only thing that can save you is if you obey, if you do what you’re told, if you take the vaccine.

And this was deliberative. If you look at these, the transcripts, which we have for each of these simulations, that one of them was, the first one was called “Dark Winter” and other one was called “CLADE”. Another one was called “Crimson”. Another one was called Event 201, and on and on. They do this again and again and again. And there were signalling exercises, there were training exe…, the people who are… people who took part in Event 201, where they’re taught how to basically violate the constitution. And do all these things that, you know, normally a public official wouldn’t do, it’s teaching them, how do you shatter a democratic society.

And the people who took part in those events, if you look at what happened to all of them, they’re the ones who then, as soon as COVID 19 pandemic started, they were moved into place of the power. One of the members of the CIA, a member of Event 201 is now the head of the National Security Agency in the Biden administration and runs all the COVID-19, the top guy in COVID-19 response. And all, virtually all the people who participated in those training exercises, which is how do you impose authoritarian rule are now running this country,

MA: (17:16)

But what you’re describing is a nightmare. It sounds like a, you know, an international criminal conspiracy to decimate society. But I ask you in your conclusion, perhaps you cover this in your book ? To what end ? What’s the end game or end goal, for those who engineered this ?

RFK Jr.: (17:36) Well, I think, you know, clearly, it was self-serving. Um, you know, if you look at Gates’s psychology, and I try not to look into people’s heads, because you can’t really tell what they’re up to. But if you look at all of them, the trajectory of all the projects that he’s involved in, which is, he is on this same thing, this monopoly control of the food system in the world, the global food system, and he owns now, he controls virtually the entire seed stock Global humanity. He was able to get, you know, get control of all the seedbanks. He, he’s very good, big and pushing genetic engineer GMO foods of chemical agriculture, of petroleum based fertilizers. He’s not a guy who believes in public health.

He has huge investments, he’s one of the biggest stakeholders in Monsanto. He owns, you know, Cargill, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, the tobacco company, Kraft, it is big ( ou est-ce le nom d’une autre société ? mais je ne comprends pas) And then all the pharmaceutical companies, he had huge stakes in. Oh, what he does is he has solutions for human problems that are essentially engineering solutions. And he makes deals with large multinationals who can profit on those solutions. And then he partners with them in imposing those solutions and gaining monopoly control. And he does this again and again and again. And it’s a very kind of patronizing colonialism that he’s imposing.

It’s a, it’s an outside. It’s a, it’s a, it’s kind of this messianic attitude, that he is ordained by God to solve human problems using technology. And he is genius for monopoly control, and to make himself rich in the process. And he does, you know, you can’t… so the WHO, she used to be a good organization. You know, it’s always had problems with, it had problems being taken over by the tobacco industry, by the nuclear industry, by…, by the telecom industry. There’s been corruption scandals throughout its history.

But it was doing good things on the ground. It was doing nutrition, it was doing sanitation, it was doing women’s rights. It was teaching local reinforcing…, local farming techniques. It doesn’t do those things anymore. Now what it does, you know, more than half its budget goes to Gates’s polio vaccine. And Gates is a guy who, you know, who you know believes that public health comes in a syringe. That good human health has to come through technology, that God did not give us adequate immune systems or adequate bodies.

And you know, real poverty… The things that you need to do fight poverty are complicated and they’re locally based. That means dealing with human beings and ceding power to local people to help them solve their own problems. But Gates doesn’t like to do any of that hard work. What he likes to do is come in and say: I have a solution, it’s technical, I’m going to show you how to use it, and I’m going to make money on it. And it’s always ended in catastrophe.

That’s what he did with the “Common Core”. You know, curriculum with education where he tried to do the same thing: take over education with technology with, you know, teaching the kids the computer, and giving them and getting them addicted to it. And “Common Core” was an absolute catastrophe. He did the agricultural revolution in Africa and elsewhere, and in every country where he’s operated, starvation and hunger have increased dramatically by 30%. And he did the same with the vaccines. And if you look at his vaccines, virtually every one of them, if you look at them on the ground, it is more harms than the diseases that they purport to protect against.

MA: (21:40) But that’s what’s shocking about this. Surely, he must have a feedback loop in place and he must understand that everything he promotes, such as genetically engineered agriculture, that’s very heavily relying on synthetic chemical pesticides and herbicides, for example. It causes ecological devastation that leads to the long term destruction of the agricultural sustainability of the regions where he’s pushing these policies. So surely, he must understand that his policies are actually making things worse, not better. At some point, you have to say, well, he must be doing this on purpose.

RFK Jr.: (22:18) Well, you know, there’s been lots that he doesn’t do. And the Rockefeller Foundation did this before him too. They do the solutions, but they don’t, you know, they don’t do, they never do self-assessments. So they don’t, they’re able to blind themselves about the consequences, you know, there. He will measure his metrics, and based on how many kids that we vaccinate this year?

MA: Right, right.

RFK Jr.: It’s not how many kids lived this year ? How many got healthier? How, you know, how is our quality of life ? He’ll never look at that stuff. It’s always a numerical metric. And it’s always a metric that will benefit what he’s doing.

But you know, Mike, here’s, here’s sort of a good example of his, of the fact that something is really wrong with Gates. So Gates now is portraying himself as a big activist on climate change. And climate change is a real problem. It’s not a hoax, it is real. And it is existential for our country. You know, the North Pole and the South Pole are melting, Greenland is melting, we, you know, we’re just watching species go extinct. It is a catastrophe for humanity. But Gates suddenly has become a climate change activist and he published a book on it.

But if you look at what his solutions are… I’ve been doing climate activism for over 40 years. And I’ve never known any group NRDC, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the people who are leading climate activism, none of them get money from Gates. Gates does not give money to the movement.

And in fact, Gates has, I think he’s got a, you know, he’s got a yacht that’s bigger than a football field. He has a whole fleet of private jets, he owns a private jet company. He has investments in all the big gold companies, all the big rail companies, which you know, 50% of their revenue comes from hauling coal, and all the oil companies. So he is not a climate change activist. When you ask him: What is he going to do for climate change ? And his agricultural policies are horrendous for climate. And he’s got, you know, he probably has the biggest carbon footprint of any human being on the planet.

MA: (24:43) Yeah, true.

RFK Jr.: What he is, you know, what is his game ? Well, what he says is, I’m going to solve the problem through geo engineering. We are going to blot out the sun with aluminium, you know, reflective dust that we’re going to empty from airplanes. And we’re, you know, all of this crazy stuff where he’s, you know, he’s trying to charge us for some easy geo engineering project that is so wacky, and so out of touch with anything that being human wants, or human dignity, or quality of life, but it’s him being in control, him being the God with his technology and solving the problem. And it’s just..

MA: (25:30) Yeah, it’s like: Oh, I’m Bill Gates and I can block the sun.

RFK Jr.: Yeah, I’m Bill Gates and I block the sun.

MA: Okay, that’s, that’s crazy. That’s absolutely nuts. But getting back to Tony Fauci, because that’s the title of your new book “The real Tony Fauci”, I do want to encourage the viewers pre-order it on Amazon…

RFK Jr.: (25:50) These are reordering when you get it up to, if we sell 10,000 books in the first week, it puts us number one on all the bestseller lists.

MA: (26:00) We’re buying a couple 1000 copies ourselves. And I know that the wholesale orders also count towards that. So we’re helping out. So the viewers watching this, you can help out too. And understand folks, I’ve published books before, too. Nobody makes any real money off a book. This is not about making money off a book, this is about moving the conversation into more of the limelight, so that other people pay attention to what’s in the book. That’s all it’s about. There is hardly any money in the book.

RFK Jr.: (26:26) I’ve written about 10 bestsellers. And I doubt whether I’ve netted even 1,000 $ on any of them.

MA: Exactly, exactly. They’re not money maker.

RFK Jr.: No money in the book of business. I mean, I think some people do if they sell it for a movie or something but I, you know, I bet a lot of US dollars, and I don’t have any money to spend to the shop.

MA: (26:49) Exactly. But let me ask you this, though. What in your view, and maybe you cover this in the book, but what should happen to Fauci overall, that should he be fired ? Should he be investigated ? Should it be a regulatory investigation, perhaps a criminal investigation ? I mean, what what’s your take on where this should go ?

RFK Jr.: (27:09) I mean, you ask me where I think he ought to be playing rock hockey in Spandau, you know, for a hots and a cot. You know, with with all of the, you know, all of the war criminals. I mean, this pandemic has killed millions of people, he is one of the, probably one of the worst mass murderer in the history of the planet, alright ? And, you know, you can say : “oh that’s hyperbole !” But look at the facts, you know. Everybody was telling him for years. You better stop doing this gain of function, because one of these things is going to escape and cause an out of control pandemic. And it’s exactly what has happened, according to the best evidence that we have today.

Well, so no. What do you do with somebody like that ? If we’d live in a just world, if we’d live in a rational world, he would be in prison. And so would Gates. And their money that they’ve been making would be used to, you know, restore some of the damage they’ve done. And by the way, so should Zuckerberg, because they’ve abetted this whole thing. And so should Sergei Brin at Google, you know, they all should be in prison because they abetted this, they shut up. I mean, the only thing, Instagram ever said about why they threw me off, they deplatformed me was, the only specific they ever gave is that I suggested, I didn’t say that the virus came from the Wuhan lab. I said that, that ought to be investigated by Congress. And they threw me off for that reason and said that was vaccine misinformation. You know, they’re all part of it, and they’re all guilty.

MA:  (29:07) Okay, last question for you, Bobby. And I just want to say, by the way, that that your work, and Children’s Health Defense and all the amazing people that you have there, your other attorneys and so on, and writers, are truly an inspiration, to humanity, to people of all political persuasions, by the way, Republicans and Democrats alike. I asked a very conservative friend of mine the other day : Who are your top two heroes in America ? And he told me, Rand Paul and Bobby Kennedy.

I mean, did you ever think, you know… This is what’s happening ! Because you are pro humanity, that’s what I’ve always loved about you, you’re pro humanity. And what what you and I always see eye to eye on is, that we’ve got to talk about the pollutants. We’ve got to talk about the heavy metals, the mercury. We’ve got to talk about the synthetic pesticides. If you don’t talk about exposures, you’re never going to solve health problems just through a needle. So I really appreciate you for doing that.

But my last question to you is, do you think, does history ultimately tell the truth here ? Or does Fauci, do Fauci and Gates get away with this forever ? Or ? Or are they exposed and the historical record tells the truth ?

RFK, Jr.: ( 30:27) You know, I cannot honestly answer that Mike. I, you know, I, and what I really try to do is to say, it really doesn’t matter. I know what I have to do, I have to get up every day, as a reporting for duty Sir. I don’t have any control over the future, that’s in God’s hands. You know, the only thing that I control is this little tiny piece of real estate inside my own shoes. And I can only control what I do. And I can just tell you, I’m going to go down fighting if I have to go down, but I’m going to, you know, I’m going to be fighting these guys to the end, however long it takes. And when I go down, somebody else will step at my place and fight until until we do win.

So, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen and I’ve given up predicting the future. The people who are really good at predicting the future are Tony Fauci and Bill Gates. They told us again, and again, there’s gonna be a pandemic. And they were operating their little shop of horrors in Wuhan, China, you know, cooking up the animals in a shoddy laboratory with a defective air, negative air system, where it was guaranteed one of these things would escape and everybody, you know the liberal press says you know, these guys are such prescient extraordinary soothsayers.

How did, how did Tony Fauci predict to the day ? Predict the pandemic three years in advance to the day ? How did he do that? Well, he did it because he was cooking this stuff up in a way that he knew it was going to escape.

MA: ( 32:12) Exactly, exactly. Right, easy to predict the future.

RFK, Jr.: Always predictions, and the soothsaying and the forecasting and the auguring to those guys. And you know, you know, I’m just I’m, you know, in it for fist fight, and I’m going to be involved in every fist fight on this issue that there is that I can get, you know, where I can get in line.

MA: ( 32:34) Well, God bless you, Bobby, for all of your work and Children’s Health Defense and for the success of your new book “The real Tony Fauci”. Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today. Reach out to us, let us know what else we can do to help in your efforts and thank you so much for your time.

RFK, Jr.: Thanks for having me and thanks for keeping a lantern burning.

MA: You bet. Okay, take care of that. We’ll talk again soon.

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