A “Personal” Message from CHD Europe on Location in Switzerland

This is certainly a strong message that unites all the women in this video. At some point, no matter what the rules are, and no matter what anyone else thinks, we have to listen to ourselves, take responsibility and save our lives and the lives of our family. We women are capable of calling on this inner power, this life force that unfolds on multiple levels and that goes far beyond the mental, reductive and sterile dryness of the followers of the great reset and its algorithms.” Senta Depuydt.

Children’s Health Defense US and Europe recently got together in Switzerland to discuss actions, projects and strategy for how best to continue fighting the serious injustices and threats to our health and especially the health of our children. This personal meeting was a revolutionary act in and of itself! Participants crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and many continental European borders to attend, braving the daunting Covid-19 travel measures and proving that it is indeed possible to get out of the house, see the world and spend some truly quality time face to face!

The team shares its thoughts on the interesting and encouraging meetings and connections that took place during this important week together.

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